Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Really Inconvenient Truth

Well hello there! How have you been? Sorry I've been away for awhile. Did ya miss me? Back in December I got involved with Facebook and have been lost in that happy little cyberland ever since. But now it's time to drop the distractions and get serious again. Some recent happenings in the news have caught my attention and I think we need to really look at them and figure out what they really portend. Two examples of what I'm alluding to are the actions of an aware but frustrated man who resorted to flying his plane into an office building this week just so that his message would be heard. Another dis-related story concerns Citibank's announcement to it's customers that it now reserves the right to hold customer's requests for withdrawal of funds for 7 days. Now I'm not actually going to talk about these stories at all in this entry. I'm just throwing them out there for you to think about.

What I am going to do is attempt to communicate something here that has been rattling around in my head for quite a while now. What finally got me to start typing was an essay I received forwarded from a friend that concerned the idea that the Global Warming theory is a scam or a con. Not only that Climate Change is a con but so is Peak Oil. These scams are part of an overall plan to destroy the US economy and to bring about the New World Order. It put forth the proposition that oil is not a fossil fuel at all but in fact a renewable resource. This is known as the abiotic oil theory. The essay is entitled "Anatomy of a Con Job" by John Truman Wolfe. If I can get a link for it I will post it here. In the meantime I think that short description is enough explanation so that you will see how it relates to what I have to say. Although my essay uses Mr Wolfe's as a starting point my purpose is not to debate his viewpoint. It's just that reading what he had to say inspired me to write what I have to say. So here it goes...

The only thing that bothers me about the "Global Warming is a Scam" argument is the implied idea that this civilization can and should continue the way it has been going. Yes I do believe it is a scam as it is being presented but so is everything else that makes up what we know as modern western culture. Evolving through thousands of years going all the way back to the first controlling of fire and on through the introduction of agriculture man has ascended to this pinnacle of consumerism we find ourselves a part of today. And what have we gained? An almost ruined planet occupied by an enslaved population who have no idea who they are or what they are supposed to be doing.

Terrance McKenna noted on many occasions that "culture is not our friend". It is actually a virtual reality designed to enclose and control an individual. The root word of culture is "cult". That is really what we are dealing with here. The cult leaders appear to be the politicians and religious leaders whose job it is to assure the population that everything is under the control of either the government or God, while the corporations, banksters and insane military leaders plunder, rape and pillage the planet and it's inhabitants. It's pretty easy for us here in America to be true believers because we are benefiting from the plunder of the planet. But what is good for the US economy is not what's good for the planet, not by a long shot! If you really look at the truth of what is going on in this world and who is responsible, it turns out to be a "Very Inconvenient Truth" indeed!

I'm not going to argue whether the theory of abiotic oil is true or false. The bottom line is that saying that oil is a renewable resource is like saying your blood is a renewable resource. Yes it is, until we suck enough out that it can no longer replenish itself and then you die. Blood is ideally supposed to stay in the body.

I'm not going to argue whether man is causing global warming or cooling or if global climate change is actually caused by the sun(which I believe it is). I'm just going to point out that if we sucked some blood out of you and then took a potato peeler and carved the skin off of your head, hair and all, and then mixed it all together with a few slices of your liver and a section of your lung and then burned it right under your nose so that all the smoke would be inhaled I think you would agree that that would be really unpleasant and might just kill you if it went on too long.

Where the hell did we ever get the idea that we can treat our planet this way and get away with it? Well I just unintentionally gave you a clue in that last sentence when I described this as "our planet". In one sense yes it could be our planet since we do live on it. But it's the other sense that is a bit problematic. "Our" denotes a possession of, ownership, and as we have all been taught, that which we "own" we control and we can do anything we want with our possessions. I hate to burst anyone's bubble here but we don't own this planet. If anything perhaps the reverse is more true. This planet owns us. We are part of it's body. This planet is a living being and we are killing it. It's not what we are but what we are doing that is the problem. Whether you want to regard the human race as a cancer or a type of parasite out of control matters little. What matters more is how the earth is regarding us at this moment.

Now you can regard yourself as a spirit and feel that you are separate from the physical universe and that none of this really matters, but I feel it does. In our present form we are human beings. The human being is a part of the earth's eco- system. We had a specific job to do. That was to care for the earth and care for each other. We were the care takers. Go back to any of the indigenous tribes of this planet and ask them. Unfortunately there are not too many of them left as we have had a nasty habit for the past several hundred years of committing genocide against "primitive "people and their cultures. You could also ask them what the earth is saying to them these days. She is not a happy camper. Somewhere way back in time some of us lost our way and decided that our job was to control and subdue nature and make it work for us so that we could have big houses, big office buildings, big churches, Big Macs, huge shopping centers in which to relieve ourselves of huge sums of "disposable income" and SUVs and toasters and fine furniture, better living through chemistry, the miracles of science and a big inflated sense of self importance.

So here we sit on a planet where every square inch of it's surface is "owned " by someone(except maybe Antarctica), as well as every thing and every person. Oh you say but I'm an American, I live in the "land of the free and the home of the brave", nobody owns me! Sorry, if you are a U.S.Citizen you are owned from the day your birth certificate was issued till the day your Death certificate is signed. And if you happen to forget that fact you get a reminder every April 15th or so. Yes our owners are a bit more civilized than say the drug lords of Somalia or the slave traders of the past and present but we are regarded as resources nevertheless, just like the trees and the oceans and the oil and everything else that can be chopped up or extracted and monetized and sold back to the people. That's the basis of the US economy and western civilization as a whole. The most horrible and insidious thing about it is it's necessity to always expand, to always find more things, both real and imagined to convert to money. It is the economic system of interest that is the cause of this need for constant expansion. Our mighty industrial economic machine is like a wildfire consuming everything in it's path. In this world people are forced to do what is in their economic self interest. If that means chopping down the rainforest so that they can graze cattle to supply Americans with Big Macs or to plant crops for biofuel, that's what they will do. In fact countries will do whatever the World Bank tells them to do because the banksters own everything and any government that doesn't comply will be ruthlessly removed.

The ironic thing is that we are probably not going to destroy the planet, providing that someone doesn't set off some planet busting doomsday weapon, but we will certainly destroy ourselves and as many other plant and animal species as we can take with us if we continue the way we are going. The planet will most likely survive with or without us. I'm not trying to beat the drum for radical population reduction. Those who advocate that have their own selfish agendas. Any solution that is proposed by governments is really no solution at all. They are part of the problem. This "New World Order" we are so concerned about is simply the end result of man's journey of conquest, ownership,and control over all of nature. If you think that they have monetized everything, that there is nothing left to monetize, think again. What do you think your liver is worth on the free market? How about your eyeballs? Think I'm kidding? Ask the peaceful followers of the Folun Gong faith in China. They are murdered and stripped of their body parts like a late model Chevy in a junkyard and their organs are sold to rich westerners who have worn out their own organs by indulging in the pleasures of our chemically poisoned modern fast food diet.

Why do you think we are loosing our freedoms and being subjected to tighter and tighter controls at every level. For our own safety?! Ha! We our being manipulated at so many levels of our being that we are actually living in a virtual reality based on language. We are as easily controlled as a huge herd of sheep is by a few well trained sheepdogs. Actually I wish it was just sheepdogs but in reality it's more like a pack of hungry wolves. Unfortunately most of the sheeple have no concept of what's going on. 911 was the final test of the sheeple’s gullibility. The fact that the majority of the people could be convinced that airplanes could cause two 110 story steel framed towers to collapse at freefall speed straight down into their own footprint meant that they had the go ahead to move full speed ahead with the roundup. "Operation Dumbdown" had made it's target.

I could go on and on but really what would be the point. This has all been said by people far more eloquent than I. So much research has already been done, so many conspiracies exposed, so many books written and lectures given that one could spend a lifetime wallowing in it and never come up with a workable solution. I think to start with we should at least withdraw cooperation from those who wish to enslave us. Let's stop feeding the hand that is biting us for god’s sake! But you have to be aware that those with that evil purpose and depraved desire are coming at us from every angle, in all colors of the spectrum and in all manner of disguise. If we don't know who we are how will we ever discern the truth out of all the lies?

It's hard to do the right thing when the right thing can't be determined from the inside of a system built on lies. It is impossible to live a "normal" life in this society without contributing to the destruction of the planet and your fellow human beings. Do you work for a corporation? Do you get paid in Federal Reserve Notes? Do you use them to buy the things you need? Do you pay your taxes? If you do any of those things you are complicit in crimes against nature and humanity. I'm not even talking about living in big houses, driving large SUVs or any other extravagant waste of resources. I'm only talking about a few basic things we all have to do just to survive in this society. The deck is stacked against us big time. In this world money is simply a measure of destruction. The more you acquire the more destruction of the planet you are responsible for not because of what you may have done to earn the money but because of the nature of the money itself. It doesn't have to be this way. If we had a different monetary and economic system things would be different. But that kind of money and economic system is incompatible with this civilization and it's basic tenet that we are all separate beings in competition for survival. If you begin to object to the way things are you will be dismissed as a nutter and perhaps reported to the authorities. Object too vigorously and they'll have some special drugs to quiet you down so you don't disturb the rest of the population. If that doesn't work then they will lock you in a cage like the dangerous animal that you are. But most of the time these desperate measures are not needed. After years of indoctrination and mind control most people's cooperation can be bought with a few luxuries provided, a few privileges granted and a promise to be taken care of in your old age. And don't forget the wide screen TV. Gotta keep their minds "programmed" so they won't start thinking for themselves. With this they will turn a blind eye to the most outrageous evils imaginable. It makes me wonder how many more frustrated aware people are going to resort to flying planes into office buildings just to get their message heard!

We are living in a zombie culture. This civilization is already dead, it just hasn't realized it yet. Because of that it continues to suck the life out of the planet at an exponential rate for the time being. But the emerging convergence of crises in the fields of politics, economics, environment, health and spirituality are about to come to a head. The other shoe is about to drop. Whether it turns out to be a big heavy steel tipped boot or a nice soft puffy pink slipper may in fact be up to us.

I'm not going to claim that I know for sure the solution to all this. That would be outrageously presumptuous. I do know that it is going to take a miracle. How that miracle will manifest itself is anybody's guess. But I think it will start with discussions like these and getting this one simple message out for the people to consider:
The Age of Separation is coming to an end. We are really not separate at all. We are all one. And anything you do to an other you do to yourself. And those others are not just your fellow human beings but all life on this planet including most importantly the planet itself.

If the ideas that I have expressed here interest you at all then I highly recommend the book "The Ascent of Humanity" by Charles Eisenstein. His work is far better written than my stream of consciousness essay here and is heavily researched and footnoted. It is available at