Thursday, December 31, 2009

Diamond found in cesspool

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm usually very skeptical about anything that is reported by the media. Nice stories about politicians are almost always PR BS. This one really touched my heart though, so even though I generally dislike politics and politicians and believe cities are a really bad idea, if we have to have these things for the time being, I don't think a better example can be found than this. Just imagine if we had more mayors like this....and she plays hockey too! I think I'm in love!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Punch and Judy Christmas

Nothing like a murderous psychotic puppet show to bring out the Christmas cheer. Enjoy the show kiddies. Any similarities to real life on this planet is surely, purely coincidental.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Handbook For The New Paradigm

I've never done two posts in one day but I've been wanting to get this information up for quite some time and now seems like a good time as it relates to my previous post regarding The Great Gathering. If you haven't seen that one yet please scroll down and check it out first as it is shorter and more time sensitive.

Posted below is the introduction to the book "Handbook For The New Paradigm". The book is a very clear description of the situation that this planet is currently in and what needs to be done individually to create a happy ending for the people of earth. I believe it is a vital part of the mindset behind the Great Gathering.

If after reading the introduction below you are inspired to find out more the books are available free to download at Hmmm...this website appears to be down at the moment. Hopefully is will be back soon. In the meantime an audio version of the entire book is available on You Tube. It starts with the first message in the book that follows the introduction below. There are a total of 43 separate messages. They don't necessarily have to be listened to all in one sitting as they were originally put out over a period of time. But then again you might want to absorb them as quickly as possible as the hour may be getting late. Also it may take several times through to really get what is being said.

Handbook For A New Paradigm


A Personal Message For You


This is a point in the evolution of the planet that brings to the forefront of each individual’s thoughts the question of why me, why now and what is really going on in the reality that is right now in the time we are experiencing. What really is going on behind-the-scenes we are looking at through the five senses? Why is there this feeling that there is more to the story than just appearances. Who indeed has set this up and is pulling the strings. Is it really just a group of somebodies that is in charge? If this is the case, then is the God thing really a hoax after all? There are those who believe that to be the true essence of the scenario. Fortunately, for the good of all, that is not the Truth.

The Truth is that there are multiple levels of activity behind what appears to be a play of incredible magnitude. Who then is writing the lines for the characters and what is the point of the script? Would it be a surprise to inform you that you are writing the lines and until you can figure out a point to the script, there is none? If that is the case, then which of the individuals on the planet can figure one out? Well, indeed there is a focused group that has decided that they would like to put forth their point in the script. There is just one problem with this; they have decided to put forth a focus within the play that is not in harmony with the Creator of the stage and the theatre that this play is to be performed upon. In fact, the plan this group has in mind has a great surprise at the end for the audience and the actors on the stage. They intend to destroy the audience, the actors, the stage and the theatre.

Since the Creator of this theatre likes this particular theatre and thinks of it as a pet project, this idea doesn’t appeal to Him at all. Since He is not in the business of standing in the way of the creative presentations that are produced within its confines, then He is hoping that the audience will decide to make changes of their own. There is a type of presentation that involves participation of the audience other than just sitting and observing. The theatre entrepreneur is wondering that if the play being presented becomes obnoxious enough to the audience, will they simply walk away and withdraw their attention? This would then allow the cast and its directors to destroy themselves, but then the theatre owner does not want his property destroyed along with them. He is hoping that the audience will come up with some other solution. Perhaps there could be audience participation that would perhaps introduce some new characters that would create lines of script of their own. If a new story line could be introduced with characters that could change the ending, then the performance could be a comedy or a mystery or a love story rather than a tragedy. Maybe, audience participation could indeed create a whole new genre of experience. Instead of depicting repetition of experiences already known, could the audience in the intensity of desire change the story line, come up with a creative scenario that would encompass possibilities not yet experienced? Why not? The greater the desire for change, the greater the opportunity for creative new boundary- expanding story-themes. Within the spontaneity of group focus, without the academic control of leadership with an intended purpose, conception outside of ordinary themes is not only possible, it is probable.

To what purpose is this discussion being instigated? It is time that you awaken to your responsibility to change the destination of the path you are now being pushed to take. It is far past the stage of leading you. It is at the stage of pushing you. It is at the stage where resistance cannot be successful, therefore you are going to have to accomplish this by some other means. A way must be literally created that will bring about a solution. Nothing that you have done before will accomplish a change in this situation. Those who have brought you to this point know your current human nature so well that every possibility you can think of has been blocked. Every cell of resistance is well known by them and is allowed to exist because it has a purpose in their plan. These will be used as graphic examples of what they will not allow.

Now you must come into the understanding that there is a passage through this experience for Mankind, but you must move into a creative stance, not a resistive posture. This is not what is expected of you based on your past modes of experience. I can assure you that your history has been analyzed and studied by minds and computer models to the point that you are known to an extent you cannot even imagine. Every reactive scenario has been dissected to the cellular level and restrictive actions planned for each of them. You are faced with the possibility of your extinction unless you can make a cosmic leap to a level of creative imagination that will completely nullify those plans. Have you not computers of your own? Can you not band together into creative discussion groups and ask for entry into the mind of that which created you? "Where two or more of you are gathered together in my Name (within the focused desire for harmonious understanding), there am I also."

Cries and begging to be relieved of the situation by God, or Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed will not do it. You have allowed this evil to descend upon you and so it is you, individually and collectively, that must take it upon yourselves to conceive this solution. A new consciousness change must take place within you. Not all of Humanity will choose to participate. There will be some that will hide their heads in blame and grovel in victimhood. So be it. Let them. You have no time to recruit among them, for what of creativity could they offer? This is a clarion call to the consciousness of those with the strength of character to stand up within their own conscious awareness and decide this situation shall not be allowed to continue to its planned completion. Even those who are in the midst of that abominable plan have no idea that the end is indeed to be annihilation. Unfortunately, it is not only planned to be annihilation of the people and the planet, but of realms beyond imagination.

How shall it be done? How can a change come about in the midst of such a lack of understanding of who and what you are? Now, while there is yet time, before the noose tightens, movement about the planet is yet possible. Groups shall come together to stretch their conscious awareness, to invoke the aid of the highest of sources of knowledge to assist them in conceiving a new way of experiencing manifested existence. This must not be copied from any other experience. It must be literally a conceptual leap, not in its entirety, but in invocation of the beginning framework of such an experience. This is not a process that can be spelled out. It is shadowy in the beginning as it is conceived as a possibility, and so it should be. Known boundaries of experience must be transcended. A super-human assignment? Indeed, but not at all impossible. Out of challenge born of desire and necessity comes the conception of that which is different.

Has Mankind been presented with this opportunity before? Indeed, but each time he reverted back to known strategies. Now, it has been solely of his creation that this situation exists. It has been Mankind's task to make this leap, and so now this leap must be undertaken, or he faces the possibility that he may cease to exist. All of this is his own doing. Mankind has no one else to blame, so it must be a 180-degree shift from his past refusal to undertake the whole project, to taking it on with resolve and dedication.


The focus of energy that holds this planet in orbit within this solar system does not require the power of force to do this, but uses an available process that does not require effort. The concept of power has within it the inherent understanding of effort as force. Since thought attracts, you have brought to you the experience of effort, force and power. There are other experiences available that do not use this concept. Rocketry projects are an example. Your resources are used to lift one rocket and its payload into the orbit of this planet and then beyond. Yet you are visited by beings from other planets that enter and leave your planet’s gravitational field without this wasteful effort. Does this prove to you that there are other ways to accomplish movement without such wasteful and dangerous methods? The search for answers to this question intrigues the mind. There are many that know these possibilities exist, but are unable to envision the answers without the need of using great effort to resist what they envision "grounds" them to the planet. It is not the gravitational field that ties them here. It is the consciousness. It is the interactivity of thought acting upon thought that eludes them. They know that their thoughts can influence the outcome of an experiment. However the concept that thought once projected can be released to interact within itself and that it can produce an outcome beyond a controlled (desired) outcome is not understood. The need to control, observe and to prove the process prevents them from reaching into new realms of understanding. What is lacking is the ability to trust that the process can only proceed within positive outcomes once it is released to act within and upon itself. Thought released to act upon itself will return in manifestation glorified, and in a form more magnificent than the limited focused mind can imagine.

Now the challenge comes to those who desire to be the instruments of changing the negative plans for the destiny of this planet. Can you expand your consciousness to encompass the process that lies just beyond your "grasp"? It will be necessary for you to begin with the basic desire of participating within a new paradigm of experience.. However, to leave the known and desire to venture into the unknown requires the courage to release what you feel is the advancement this "civilization" has made from its stone age beginnings into modern technological comfort for many on this planet. Do you know that the word "civilization" is synonymous with slavery.? In order to accomplish this experience, it required giving up the freedom of personal choice in order that group organization might have precedence. Beyond the family, no organization is necessary. Personal responsibility is the keynote of freedom. Cooperation is a natural phenomenon as long as the need to control is absent. The need to control is a learned activity that becomes habitual through the experience of it.

How does one transcend this habitual activity when it is deeply engrained at a planetary level? It has now reached a point that in and of himself, Man cannot break this addiction. The adversaries know this well. They are sure that Humanity cannot change it. How then will it occur as the primary starting point of the shift to a new paradigm of experience? It can be done by understanding that thought focused and released can indeed act within itself and upon itself. Though it sounds simplistic, and indeed in reality it is simplistic, it is a powerful tool. In order for this process to work, there are some criteria that must be present. Since it is a process of Divine Order, it must have at its intentional level the desire to co-ordinate within this perpetual process. The purpose of it must be conceived within the focus of the continued evolvement of those who will benefit from its inception through the outward movement of its spheres of influence. The intent of its purpose is the key to its success of coordination with (and within) the flow of Divine Order. If this is reduced to a mathematical formula, then its inclusion can not cause a change in any of the Divine formulas that allow the balance of the whole to exist in harmony. Thought thinking within itself would know if it was acceptable or not. That is the reason the opposition cannot take advantage of this process. Purity of intent to harmonize as the motive is a primary prerequisite. The outlining thought must be specific only in the intent of purpose. It must provide direction of purpose allowing the thought thinking process to proceed into Divine Order by releasing it in total trust, knowing it is accomplished in what you call etheric levels, and will then manifest into this recognizable reality using all the available triggers for appropriate interaction.

How can you know that this actually will accomplish the desired results and is not just another ploy of the opposition to keep you controlled? Have you heard of this on your media reports? Is anyone within the approved world of communication touting this as the thing for you to do? Indeed not! You are programmed to focus your energies into the salvaging of your sexy bodies and in your humanitarian thoughts for the suffering multitudes, as you have another bite of your steak dinner at the restaurant, or at least another convenient hamburger on your way home from your unproductive labors at the computer keyboard. The process through which you receive this information does use the wonders of your computer. It is a demonstration of thought interacting with itself, with the addition of focus. It is the focus of your intent that will initiate the process that you desire. Then thought focused through purposeful intent will complete itself in magnificence through the energy of your faith and trust. Firmly holding to the knowing that the etheric form of it was completed in less than the blinking of your eye will allow it to manifest into 3rd dimensional reality. The computer-like processes of the Creation are indeed endowed with quickness. Then again the ball shall be returned to your court for more to be done within your dimension.


It is with careful and focused intent that the reality of this earthly experience is being engineered into a pattern of downward movement into the darker and heavier energies that are at the lower end of the scale in which the human body can exist. This makes the contact between the extension (spirit in body) and its Soul (focused source) more difficult. This is not the whole of the intent. This allows for the possibility of the separation of the two energies. Intricate manipulations of this extension energy must be accomplished in order for this to be a possibility. The "capture" of this Soul energy is for the purpose of causing a break in the chain of energies that extend from the matrix of the Soul. It is the belief of those doing this that it will cause a breaking down of the positive energies that comprise the basic building blocks of Creation. In other words, they perceive that causing a break in the return flow of this energy back to its source will cause a disruption in the larger combined pattern of the Galactic matrix. The conception of this group of separatists is that a chain reaction will happen, thus allowing for chaos to such a degree that their focus can reorganize this chaos into their own matrix. This is quite an arrogant and ambitious undertaking. The plan includes many more quite fantastic steps to follow through to its completion. This is not a plan conceived on a moment’s notice. It is one that has been put together over eons of time in your counting. However, since their plans are counter to the controlling parameters within which Creation has come into manifested experience, they are unable to take advantage of the processes that also act as fail-safe guards available to the Creation for the purpose of preventing this planned procedure from causing such an event..

Your next logical question is how has this rebellion been allowed to continue to this point? The freewill aspect is what has been exploited as the basis for their ability to manipulate Humanity to be the vehicle of their power. Yours is the exact state of consciousness to serve their purpose. You are malleable enough to be influenced into desiring change when pressure is applied to the Soul/extension connection, and change is exactly what they want. At each critical juncture in the previous cycles, Mankind has been influenced to change what was present rather than to desire an entirely new experience. Within those cycles of energy that maintain manifested Creation at the various dimensional levels, there are critical points which allow for changing the vibratory parameters of these dimensions. There is within this opportunity several ways that they have worked out to create a downward spiral into heavier energy rather than the lifting of vibration as was intended. This can only happen when the mass consciousness of that vibratory level of planetary experience has its focus on experiences at the lowest level of that dimension. As we approach another of these opportunities, you can observe where the mass consciousness exists with regard to what you call ethics and character by considering the role models that are currently popular. However, there is a risk for the controllers in their process. There is a point at which their restrictive pressure of controlling the thought processes of the mass consciousness of the planet can backfire and cause exactly the opposite of what they have planned. This will cause them to miss the opportunity associated with the final dimensional vibratory change that is needed for completion of their plans.

They have been successful in their use of various techniques that enable them to greatly weaken the Soul/human extension connection. Because of technology and greater understanding of the nature of human experience, techniques have been developed that indicate success in the process of separating extension and Soul. There is considerable over-confidence in the success of the techniques used on individuals as being applicable to large groups of a critical percentage of the mass consciousness. The results of these experimental successes have them quite intoxicated and already savoring the completion of their divergent goals. (However, it is possible to reverse those procedures and reunite the energies into wholeness again, though the complete healing of those beings that have been used as guinea pigs will require much help. The Grace of the Creator shall be showered upon these individuals in order to ensure that the Soul matrix is not distorted.)

The implications of this picture are many, but do not despair for in the knowledge of this, you can plainly see that you are not alone in the healing of this situation. It is just that freewill is at the essence of how you got yourselves into this situation and it will be the use of freewill that you will desire to finally do something drastic enough that will get you through it. You have used change to get you out before and it only altered the situation, but it did not resolve it completely. In this case, the scenario is such that it is literally a "do or die" situation, to borrow your vernacular. Within the proper choice of focus lies your salvation. Smile, you are on the "winning side".


As each of you come to understand this is the pivotal time in which to complete a spiritual journey involving multiple trips through the earthly experience, it will become obvious that there is not a moment to be wasted in the final hours of this episode. If you are to accomplish this goal and end this chapter of the history of planetary experience, those who have chosen to mock the Creator’s plan must not write it. This is a time in which you cannot leave this change in the hands of others. It is too great a responsibility to be left to a few. You must make your contribution in order to be assured that it shall be accomplished and that you shall be included in the multitudes that make this a reality.

To accomplish this, first you must open your eyes and see what is happening all around you. You must then come to the unpleasant understanding that you have allowed this to occur because overwhelming methodology of deception influenced you and you resisted becoming involved through taking any personal responsibility in changing it. Careful remembering of past intuitive feelings brings you to the truth. You are now and have been aware that something sinister is present. In all honesty, you lacked the courage to look at what it might be because of the implications of what it could involve personally. Courage to do this has come through the change of your attitude. The magnitude of the implication of what the planners of this situation are capable of doing to your personal future and that of family and friends has allowed your desire to know to completely overwhelm your reluctance. This then leads to the necessity of considering its larger implication, the planet and its inhabitants as a whole. This process has brought you to the point of looking directly into the face of truth. Unfortunately, it is not some religious or esoteric concept that is the "truth that will set you free" but what it has been your desire to avoid at all cost. What you must understand is that this truth is about a situation that could end your earthly experience in extremely unpleasant circumstances, and places your eternal existence in jeopardy. The stakes are extremely high and the circumstances are dire indeed!

This is not a time to hide behind your usual excuse of "what can one person do?" A large number of "one persons" can accomplish a great deal. Becoming "cannon fodder" is not the solution. It is required that you become a much more subtle influence. Learn one truth now. Subtle energy is powerful and the most powerful energy is subtle. Your bible says, "In the beginning was the word" but words are thoughts spoken out loud, an inaccurate translation. In the beginning was thought! That is the subtle energy that we are asking you to employ. Simply change the focus of your thought. Do not allow yourself to dwell upon the horrors of what is planned for you, but turn your thought to what it is that you would prefer to experience.

You are trained by their methodology to think only about the programmed thoughts of acquiring things, others opinions, self preservation among thieves and murderers, and escape from self-directed thoughts through addiction to TV, movies and Soul-jarring music. Last, but not least, the pursuit of sexual experience, be it in or out of monogamous relationships. There is also the mind-boggling profusion of religious entities to further lead you from the personal quest of understanding the connection to the source of your presence on this planet in the first place. I can assure you that Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed had nothing to do with it. It is not that these beings did not exist, nor that they were not here to attempt to give you guidance in getting through this dilemma, but the messages they brought were distorted long ago. Neither did they come here to "get you out" by your belief in their existence, past or present. They came to teach you that you must get yourself through this by taking personal responsibility and creating (through thought) a new planetary experience. In this way only, will you be able to move through this painful experience.

You accept this responsibility by making a personal commitment between you and the creative energy that focused you through thought into this existence. You will know how to participate in creating what will replace this living nightmare with a new experience! How? You search for it through your desire to know and to participate in its creation.. Then through seemingly miraculous coincidence, how to participate shall become known to you. The critical point of the process is in making the commitment within your own awareness that the most important thing is participating in the creation of an experience that is 180 degrees opposite to what is now planned to be your final earthly sojourn.

The evidence of the necessity to do this surrounds you in irrefutable profusion. You need only to open your eyes, consider the changes in your personal freedoms that are happening in quick succession and listen to (hear) the researched evidence in both spoken and written presentations on your radios, internet and in books. Very soon these will no longer be available to you, leaving only word of mouth, so it is imperative that you respond to this information. You are encouraged to react only through your change of attitude and in your commitment to become a part of this subtly powerful movement. There will not be an Armageddon as suggested in their version of your bible. Instead, there shall be a replacement of their planned world through shifting the focus of the awareness of the beings on this planet toward that which is desired rather than that which is being forced upon them. It shall be individual inner change that shall conquer the outer forces that plan to control your very essence of self-awareness. Upon the acceptance of this clarion call lies the future of your survival and the experiences that wait for you within eternity.


Indeed, this is a glorious day. The rain falls and the air is clean. Rain is falling generously on the planet and Mother Earth begins the washing of herself in earnest. Is it being engineered? It would appear so, but are their contemptuous machines all that powerful? Do not be so sure. Remember that Earth is a projection of thought and thought is self-aware and interacts within itself to greater or lesser degrees. Would Earth think to a greater or a lesser degree? That is a question to contemplate.

This is the moment in which to be aware of the changing of the guard. It seems that the destiny of the planet has been wrestled from the control of its inhabitants, as it would also appear that the control of the Republic of the U.S.A. has been taken from its people. Movement within the conscious awareness of the present inhabitants has begun. These levels of consciousness are subtle and they are powerful. Notice of this change in consciousness is not yet at a vibratory level that will alert the negative forces. Its momentum builds within the subtle powerful planes of energy-forces that hold this planet in focus. It is thought interacting within itself. It is acting in concert as a changing perception of the mass consciousness that is similar to a natural shedding process. Like the snake, there is an itchiness that is being felt. This process allows for a time of vulnerability and danger from enemies, for it is an internal process. The snake indeed goes within an available den because, during this internal process, it becomes literally blind. All focus is within itself as the process goes through its formation of a new outside experience, for it has outgrown its ability to continue as it is. Even the covering of the eyes is changed so that it sees its world anew. Only the death of the snake can prevent this cyclical occurrence, thus it takes great care during this process. This is an apt analogy for our consideration of the progress of Mankind through what appears to be a dilemma of great proportions. Just as the fetus grows too large for the womb and must give up its current experience and adventure out into a completely new environment, there are guiding examples throughout nature to suggest this process is a natural phase of manifested life experience.

The separation of Mankind from Nature through the herding of them into metropolitan areas is not an accident. It has been used many times to suppress individual power to control the experience of life. Closely-compacted form is more easily pushed to and fro in the effort of moving individuals into experiences that are contrary to their natural desire towards individual responsibility in choosing their life experience. This herding smothers the natural desires and opens the psyche to influence by the confusion that is drawn within the totality of the being. There is a fundamental call within each for balance. The lack of ability to choose experiences freely causes a distortion of energy-patterns that brings intuitional discomfort and a searching to change that feeling. This need is then channeled into unending streams of unfulfilling pursuits by those who would change the destiny of this planetary experience. However, there are ingrained patterns of experience that are reminiscent of the skin-shedding process that cannot be distorted. The negative forces have their time-schedule that must be met. The timing for this process of human "skin changing" is not one that they are privy to know no matter how they analyze and re-analyze the human experience from their perspective. Can you now realize that Thought thinking within itself has created failsafe checks that prevent destruction, if at all possible. Again, we are faced with that one element that can put even the fail-safe checks and balances on hold. Freewill! Each has personal responsibility for the use of this great gift of the Creator. He has confidence that fragments of Himself may enjoy taking themselves to the edge of extinction for the fun of the adventure. However, just as in your action movies, (a depiction of this underlying adventurous focus) the hero moves through the scenario with perfect timing, and with hardly a scratch or at least nothing that cannot be healed. Sometimes you miss the point of the movies.

You are now at a critical place in the script. It is time to write in the shift of momentum from the bad guys to the hero so that he can experience that unexpected twist of the story line that allows for his harrowing escape, leaving the bad guys holding the bag. Let us hope that this is not a Superman or secret agent adventure in which, once again, there is no end to the bad guy and another adventure between them is waiting in the wings. You have already experienced those scripts. Again, you have missed the point of the movies. Do you feel that sense of satisfaction of evil having been vanquished when you leave that genre of movie? That is the point of it. To always leave you with the idea that evil remains no matter what you do. Were not your experiences in Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm outward depictions of this same frustrating movie? All wars have this same result; it just has not been part of the plan until recently to flaunt it so plainly for you to see. Your ability to discern and react is being tested over and over. Why else would items of what is being "sanctioned" (withheld) from innocent people in Iraq be published in your newspapers? What do these items for personal use of individual innocent people have to do with the prevention of war preparations? These lists were published worldwide. How do you think the people, who uphold their degenerate president who is instigating this, are thought of by the rest of the world? A new movie genre is being released now. In these, your people are being held accountable. These genres depict surges of justifiable retribution (terrorism), and are being planted in the minds of those of other countries.. Their ideal of America as the Light of the world is being destroyed by your diplomacy of arrogance towards other countries’ right of self-determination. These punishments are seen as appropriate by them, for they are unable to resist this injustice on a larger scale. These disturbances that are used as excuses to interfere within the borders of other countries are made to appear that there is necessity to intervene for the good of the citizens. These contrived situations are a hoax, created by subversive groups like the CIA. The resultant aftermath of your American intervention is hardly what you are told it is. Guilt associated with being used as a tool will not serve to end this charade. Do not waste your time on it. Resolve to be a part of the solution in order that this error in perception may be rectified.

The wake-up call is being sounded, and the internal intuitional agitation to shed the skin of this deceptive controlled experience has begun in earnest. The time of choosing to move with the flow of Creation or to remain stuck within the hoax is upon all of Humanity. Education, as it is known, is not an advantage. It is within each self-awareness that this process will take place. All are equal in opportunity in this process. Believe that! Purity of response outweighs educational degrees. Those who know the least of what is going on will hear about it first. You have been educated into a form of deception that provides the grease upon the wheels of their plans. You have been fooled into supporting them as they carried forth their plans that so far have been focused upon the uneducated, as well as those who are unable to oppose the power you are now giving to the manifested evil ones through consent by believing their lies.


In the reality that surrounds your awareness in 3rd dimensional experience, it is easier to allow the seduction of your 5 senses into believing that this is all there is to the duration of your stay within your body. Indeed, this has been further enhanced by the introduction of the visual aids of photos, movies, TV and computers. To this, add telegraph, telephone, and satellites plus music and sporting events, all beginning in childhood at the earliest possible moment. Where is there, within this onslaught of mind-boggling confusion of distractions, time or desire to contemplate within silence anything but a replay of these experiences? The conscious awareness attempts to clear out the clutter of this overload so that contact can be made with an inner awareness, and contemplation can then begin about how and why you are within this experience. This is a process that goes on quite naturally, except when the conscious half of this combination is overloaded with stimuli. It should be immediately apparent to the reader that this is the case in modern North American/European parts of the world. Furthermore, it is spreading to the more affluent elements around the planet. Once exposed to this mind stifling process, it appears to be somewhat relaxing. It is not relaxing; it is mind suppressing! The creative, self-contemplating portions of the awareness are being shut down. The more the experience is repeated, the more of an addiction is acquired. Instead of enjoying mentally stimulating experiences, these are experienced as disquieting and downright irritating. Thus, you see the joggers with their wired-up ears listening to external noise rather than contemplating their own thoughts. Somehow, they must stay connected to their addiction to distraction. If not radios or tapes, then car phones are used in order to stay connected so that one can pontificate with their "friends".

Can you, upon reading this, separate yourself from the distraction process in order to contemplate and absorb various descriptions of the wondrous fantasyland existence you are experiencing? Where is what you call reality within a world that is mostly pretend? When you look in truth at the information you trade daily through your computer connections, how much of it is indeed concrete manifested reality? Is the money transferred from one account to another actually stacks of bills? Do that many stacks of denominations of money actually exist? Where are there bank safes to house trillions of dollars? Wake up! You are dreaming! Ah, but if you wake up, you will have to face the solid reality that you have been used, and that is too frightening to contemplate! How long do you think this dream-bubble can go on expanding before it breaks of its own thinness, or just perhaps there are ones that will enjoy pricking the 'bubble'? Would it not be best to wake up early and begin to dream a new ending to the nightmare presently in disguise that you are now experiencing? Can you do that? Of course you can. It is your dream. That you have been programmed to dream a particular scenario can only continue as long as you allow it. There is something called lucid dreaming in which you awaken to an awareness that you are dreaming, then you can stop at that degree of consciousness, observe yourself dreaming and change the scenario of the dream. If you are being chased, create a safe hiding place, have the pursuer fall into a hole or a train come between you, and you escape.

You have been lulled into a dream-state by the distraction of your conscious awareness in order to separate you from your self-aware state (which is the state in which you can observe your dream process). You can correlate this into an awareness that will allow you to reclaim the severed connection to both parts of your total awareness. In truth, your intuitive awareness is beginning now to become awake to the truth of this information. Do you know that you have the power within yourself to encourage this feeling and come out of the unnatural state of distraction into full awareness? This waking process can allow you to avoid the fear and panic that you think facing it might bring, and instead give you an ability to discover yourself as a focus of energetic and creative expression. It will not awaken the "brute caveman" reaction you might expect. Instead, a contemplative ability to focus upon solutions will come forth that will replace what was formerly sensed as an undefeatable force and an unsolvable situation. This force was smothering you in a deepening dream reality that you will discover does not even exist. It may appear so to the five senses, but you perceive that beyond those lies a potential that supersedes what you have known before. It is the same potential that pulls entrepreneurs into successful businesses and explorers toward unknown places. It has an enticing intuitional call that pulls them from the known, to desire an experience that is unknown and holds such a vibration of potential of success that it cannot be resisted. Many hear the call, but few choose to answer it. That does not mean that it does not exist. The success stories are proof enough of its existence.

It is hoped that this is important information for you to contemplate apart from your normal mesmerizing existence. Is there something beyond this enticingly humdrum existence that could be even more rewarding? Indeed, there is!


"Around the World in 80 Days" was a marvelously funny satire on good and evil in competition. Don’t we wish that the same scenario in one’s own reality could be as carefree and funny with all the pitfalls and hair-raising potentially dangerous scenes? You can rest assured that the observers of the play upon the stage of planet Earth are not laughing at similar scenes as they pass through your manifested reality. Instead, they watch with detached wisdom with a knowingness that the ending will be a positive one, but with concern for how many awareness points shall move with the ascending transformation process and how many will be left behind to be shepherded through the process of another opportunity. It shall be a great relief to these when the Earth experience in this particular point of focus will have been completed. Just how it shall all come together has become of major interest, for indeed you have created your own grand and spectacular stage play. The story line is quite unique, something like "The Perils of Pauline of the Galaxy."

It is noted that both the terms "Universe" and "Galaxy" are tossed about with abandon, and then you find yourself puzzled when attempting to correlate these into a meaningful 3rd dimensional understanding. In truth, this is not quite possible, but we shall make an attempt at doing so. "Galaxy" refers to the flow of manifested reality around a center of focus, while "Universe" refers to the focused intent of the coagulation of energy that, in your terminology, lies behind and supports this manifested reality. There are Universal Laws that allow for the creation and maintenance of this Galaxy. Since you are part of this Galaxy (you have named it "Milky Way"), then you must live within these laws if you are to experience harmony within it. In this case, you are like children playing 'pin the tail on the donkey', for these laws have been withheld from you and you are left to discover them by trial and error. Right now, you are far into the error process. Is this how it has been ordained for you to learn them? INDEED NOT! The blindfold has been deliberately placed upon you and you have been fooled into thinking that you have no right to remove it. The blindfold is the game of deception in which you are enticed to look where the magician deliberately presents action for you to watch while he supports it with motions you do not perceive. Your attention is focused on what you think is the only action.

Fortunately, not all of the audience is fooled.. They watch you and wonder why you do not see the process that the magician uses. The fact is, they wonder why you are now at a stage where you only perceive his spotlighted action and do not even see the magician. Indeed, you are so mesmerized that the supporting motions to the actions are no longer even hidden. They proceed all around him on the stage and still you see neither of them. How is this possible? By hypnotizing the conscious mind!

Luckily, there is another part of the mind that is beyond this conscious thinking. Your psychologists call it your subconscious mind. They have painted it as holding your perception of Life hostage because it is full of dark, horrible experiences perpetrated upon you by well-meaning, but abusive parents. As a result, you fear it and block it from participating in your experience of Life. Why is the word Life capitalized? Because that is the purpose of your experience on this planet! You are alive, that is, aware of experiencing this Life-energy moving through you and played out on the screen of your observing ego-mind. Ah, the ego, the devil of your existence, or so you have been led to believe. Anyone acting in a pushy manner is being egotistical. His ego has him by the necktie and is causing him to misbehave, according to the imposed social norms. He is controlled by his evil sub-conscious acting out through his ego and he must be brought down a peg and that awful ego humbled into compliance. The successful businessman is successful because his inflated ego runs amuck over others and snatches success from the hands of the deserving underlings, etc., etc. Need I go on painting this picture of slight of mind?

What then is the true picture? If there is no ego, there will be no awareness of the manifested experience! The ego is your tape recorder. It is the observer of your thoughts, wants, needs and desires. It takes these thoughts in a type of robotic focused format, and this allows them to manifest into circumstances and situations that create your experience. It literally filters your thoughts, feelings and desires and causes them to coalesce into manifested experience. It is a process, not an entity. It is a process over which you have complete control, if you can take charge of thoughts, feelings and desires and actively direct them toward what you want to experience. These thoughts must be relatively depictive. For example, if you simply focus on change, then expect chaos within your life, for that will be the change you create until you decide upon some more precise idea of what you want in your experience. The process of how this works involves a Universal Law called Attraction. Once an idea is formed with the positive understanding that it is possible, then the ego holds this picture and completes the process through positive/negative polarity energy.

Through the action of the Law of Attraction and the malleable nature of the potential of an idea actually coming into your experience, it does. Since instant manifestation of ideas on this planet at the moment is very difficult, the ego incorporates the process within your supporting idea of time. If you are unable to remain focused on your desire of a certain experience, then often times you deny yourself that desired experience. There is a comment in your Bible regarding "praying amiss". Since that which you refer to as God is creative in nature, whenever you are focusing your desire in a sincere manner for an experience, then you are in "constant prayer" for you are within this creative, expansive expression that originates within the Source of your existence. But, what if you are asking for something that would cause problems for someone else? The law works! However, there is an effect for that which you have caused. As noted above, you are using the Universal Law of Attraction and its process involves "like" energy attracting more "like" energy. If you cause a problem for someone else as a purposeful use of this Law, then what you create for someone else, you also will experience. It is like two sides of the same coin. One is presented to the other person and one is presented to you. If you are serious in attempting to understand this Law, then if you dare, look at the events that you have already experienced and you will see that this has been the case many times. When you have wished a blessing for someone else, you also experienced one, not in exactly the same way, but in something of meaning that came into your Life. Consider also any difficulties. I believe there is a reference in the Bible that instructs you to "put a guard on your mouth for the words (including thoughts) that come forth do not return to you empty."

In utilizing this understanding, you must hold the desire steadily within your consciousness. If you error in desire by wishing to create a problem in the life of another, you have time early-on in the process in which to reconsider and to withdraw the focus of that intent. Then it will not manifest for them to experience. Emotion or strong feelings can increase the potential of manifestation and accelerate the process, whether it is for your own "good" experience or for another one. The opposite is also true.

It is time for the entertainment portion of this purposefully written portion of the play and the distraction of your attention from your purpose for being within this experience on planet Earth, to end. Now you must decide whether to take back your power, remove the blindfold of your own volition or wait until it’s removed for you. The picture will be even more shocking if you wait, for you will be totally unprepared for the scene planned for you to view. There is little time remaining for you to make your decision. The glitzy world you are living within is an illusion. Behind its facade is another one that plays out a game of power that requires your total cooperation and the giving over of your creative power willingly by overwhelming your sense of possessing any personal power whatsoever. Example: "But, what can one person do?" Sound familiar? Answer: "More than you can possibly imagine, but first you must realize that you have the power!"


When the conditions of deterioration surround you, how can I comment that this is a glorious day? Indeed, it is, for those conditions are drawing to a close. The ending may contain many surprises. Your Armageddon will arrive, but it shall not be in a format that you have been told to expect. The forces of Light and darkness shall not parry and thrust in a format of war. Nevertheless, the situation will have moments of what might be called confrontation, but it will not be in a 3rd dimensional battle of armaments. This should be comforting, for the power of even those 3rd dimensional devices can destroy the planet.

If indeed the Creator is a focus of Love, then methods of destruction would not be possible. These are only possible within the distorted use of negative polarity energy. Within the two focal points of positive/negative energy lies the center point of harmony. This is the goal of all manifested energy, to exist within this harmonious point. However, it has one disadvantage in that the still point existence would allow for no movement at all, thus it can be maintained for only a relatively short period.. As a result, there is constant movement away from and returning to this ideal. Within the totality of the Galaxy, there is a balance between portions of it moving away and other parts moving toward this still point. This is observed in the movement of planets and what you perceive as the Mazaroth or Zodiac, as they move in cycles around the center point of the Galaxy. Within these revolving movements are many smaller cycles that you cannot observe. When a distortion occurs within one of the smaller cycles, it is allowed up to a certain point. When it reaches a point at which this distortion begins to affect larger cycles, then attention is focused to correct this distortion. This attention is now on planet Earth. Destruction would indeed affect other cycles. One planet in your solar system was already destroyed. Balance was maintained with great difficulty, but the loss of another planet would cause chaos that would be far-reaching indeed. For this reason, a great deal of attention is now being paid to your situation.

If it were not for the limiting factor of the freewill of the inhabitants, balance could have been obtained long before this point. This emphasizes the importance of obtaining consent through deception of the inhabitants for the introduction of atomic destructive devices. Plans are afoot to create the very chaos that such planetary destruction would bring. The stakes are very high indeed in this game of control. The plan behind this destruction is ambitious beyond your imagination. It involves the creation of a negative polarity Universe/Galaxy. To the perpetrators of this situation, you are not even small fry in the game. This is confrontational at the level of the Creator of this Universe/Galaxy. Have we made this up? Indeed, we wish we could tell you that, but it is the usurping of your ability to make freewill decisions as to whether to cooperate or not that is the small key to the success of their plan. This will allow you to understand the multiple levels of control that have been used and why your complete control (which, of course, is impossible) has been used as the manipulation behind your deception. Indeed, there are many levels of control aimed at the people on your planet. Those who think they are in control and planning this scenario are just as controlled as their plan for you. As this plays out, there are elements of this situation that are going to be more surprised than your general populous. Perhaps that surprise will be at a higher level than even that plan includes.

What must be remembered in the greater perception of this is that all that exists, and that does mean ALL, does so out of the potentiality that underlies manifested Creation. When following the layers of energy that coagulate into manifested realities in reverse order, the building blocks become finer and finer in vibrational quality until it reaches beyond what the Cabala calls "Ain Soph" or pure potentiality. In order to cause an entire Galaxy to change polarities, it would be necessary to return to this point in order to cause such an event to happen. Needless to say, this is an extremely simplistic explanation, but should give you an understanding of the audacity of the idea and the relative chances for its success. However, the attempt to do this by working backwards through existing Creation to accomplish this goal holds within it the possibility of a pattern of resulting chaos of no small proportion.

Now that you begin to realize that your conscious consent had to be obtained in order to accomplish this, should give you cause to take notice of your responsibility in all of this. Unless you wake up and change the path down which you are moving, there is great responsibility to be faced. Granted, you have been lulled into a zombie like existence, but that has been your choice through lack of personal responsibility toward yourselves and your fellow man.. At the end of this sojourn into Life experience, you stand and recount your experience in the light of full understanding, and it is you who judge your own actions. No one judges you. You are then aware of what might have been had you lived your experience through extending forth the Love that created you rather than in pursuit of distractions that gave you no real satisfaction.

What do you do now at this pivotal point in your time? In the knowledge of this scenario, which you are hardly able to acknowledge may even be a possibility, what can you do? First, you must contemplate upon this understanding and come to face it within your own conscious thinking process. You must consider it as possibly being true. Then, you must admit to your own unknowing complicity in the treatment of your fellow human beings on this planet. You must move through your regrets for having been unaware through a process of denial, for the existence of these situations was plainly presented to you by the magician. This use of your consent was by real conspirators with very large agendas to put into place. You cannot linger in the destructive guilt process. You must resolve to come into your personal responsibility to cause this situation to change from its intended path. You are expected to stop being a victim and certainly not to become a martyr for there is no place to begin to resist this onslaught. You must make a vow and commitment to become part of the solution. Then, despite the continued push of deceptive encroachment into your awareness, you must begin to discern what is truth. You must hold to your resolve to move through this to a new and greater understanding. When this becomes your greatest personal Truth, then you will find opportunities to become part of a different movement employing methods that will not constitute physical resistance, but will use an entirely new approach. There is no other avenue open to you, for resistance on a physical level would be immediately snuffed out. Your constitution is no longer an effective shield and will be dissolved. But, that matters not. It is in assuming personal responsibility that one accepts the challenge and does not fade in fear, then others shall also come forth in similar awareness and consciousness. Together, this expanding group awareness shall provide the pivotal point that will bring an end to this situation. Your resolve to be part of the solution from the depths of personal consciousness is the key that will open the lock, end the imprisonment of humanity and bring true freedom to the inhabitants of this planet. "Many are called, but few choose to respond." Where do you stand at this pivotal point? You must ask yourself and you must answer yourself!

The question of "who?" comprises the focusing energy behind these "messages" is a difficult question to answer tactfully, and yet completely. "Isness" is the focus to be sought by each individual awareness. As each expands within the process of self-identification, so does the ability to allow the flow of "Isness" to move through their experience. Each will attract into their awareness the knowledge to live into wisdom. The vibratory rate of the planetary environment and of the members of humanity on Earth is low enough that this ability is currently virtually inaccessible. To assist willing members of Mankind to access the necessary information in order to provide a way to transcend this current aberrant state, various volunteer awareness points within higher vibrational frequencies have acted as "booster stations" in order to focus this information through those who are willing to participate on the Earth plane. Knowing that the custom of Earth’s inhabitants require the "personify to identify" mode, names from the exotic to the ridiculous have been given as sources of this information. The information included exercises in discernment, but most participants failed the discernment tests. Much was filled with profound truth, but much of it was drained of its energy by the continual parade of victims wanting their personal problems solved for them. The information became distorted as the focal points were withdrawn and the volunteers winged it (faked it) on their own for their sincerity was lost in the notoriety and greed that resulted.

In view of this past history, it was the mutual agreement between the parties involved in the dictation/translation/transcription process for obtaining these messages that the identities of the foci involved would remain unidentified and there would be no monetary rewards involved whatsoever. Furthermore, there would be no personal information disseminated for any one individual’s benefit. The totality of the focal points involved is for the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants, period! The truth of the messages is to be discerned and used for the benefit of Humanity first and foremost, and then gleaned by each individual for their own personal application as part of the wholeness to which it is focused, without the necessity of personal names to identify truth. If that is not understood, then the messages need to be read again in order to transcend this form of neediness into a greater commitment towards the holographic intention of the information they contain.

It is hoped that the succinctness of this message is accepted in the tone of importance in which it is intended. The window of opportunity to accomplish the necessary monumental consciousness transition is small, as compared to the obstacles which currently exist within the human belief-systems that must be literally dissolved so that the whole may be transformed.

It is sincerely hoped that the truth contained within these messages will be a sword that cuts through the armor of deception and lays open the hearts and minds of the necessary quotient required for complete success.

The Great Gathering, Coming soon to a planet near you!

After observing the dual fiascoes in Copenhagen and Washington DC this past week, with the lies piling up deeper than the snow in the NE US, I think it has become obvious that our future must be in our hands. It is fortunate for us that movements like The Great Gathering are gathering steam and is getting underway in hearts and minds and on the ground all across this planet and perhaps beyond.

Here is the latest update from Miriam Delicado who is spearheading this project.
She will be appearing on the Coast to Coast radio show on Tuesday night, December 22nd which starts at 10:00pm pst.(Which I guess would be 1:00am Wednesday morning on the east coast!)I'm not clear on whether she is going to be the main guest for the whole evening or on a shorter segment in the first hour of the show.
I know it may be late but it is worth listening to.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas is Evil

Well that title is bound to rub some people the wrong way. But when you really think about it and honestly look at what Christ's alleged birthday has become in this modern western culture, you would have to agree, unless of course you are one of those who profit from this yearly consumerist ritual.

One hundred or so years ago Christmas might have been ok. It was a time for Christians to get together and honor their savior by exhibiting love for their fellow man. Family gatherings and visiting with neighbors and sharing food with them, making sure that they were not going hungry, maybe bringing some small toys for the children, all fine and good traditions that, while they have continued to be a part of Christmas, have been overshadowed and almost forsaken in the wake of capitalism running wild on the planet.

I shudder to think what Christ would think about the way our society chooses to celebrate his birthday and the misery we are responsible for and the damage we are causing to the planet just so we can have our trinkets to place under a tree that we have ripped from the earth and placed to die in our living rooms. Do we really believe that God created pine trees so that we can cut them down and place their dying carcasses in our houses to honor his son who died for our sins? WTF are we doing? Think about it! Christmas trees are not even a Christian idea. It came from the Pagans who don't have a hell of a lot in common with Christianity. I'm not a Pagan scholar but I have a feeling that they wouldn't approve of cutting down trees, as their whole thing is about the divinity of nature.

I actually didn't start this to rant about Christmas trees though. There are far more evil aspects of the holiday than just that. And maybe it's not right for me to be picking on Christmas when the real problem is the continuous evil that our civilization subjects the planet to 365 days a year. For a perfect example of what I am referring to I will repost a comment about the following video that I just read from Don Bradley who's blog can be seen at

SATAN'S (SANTA'S) Little Workshops

Kids love toys. Time was, toys were made in factories in Europe, the USA, and other western countries and were built by ADULTS earning a LIVING WAGE. Then, jobs everywhere moved overseas to Pacific Rim countries and being in a communist controlled country, the workers lost rights normally provided for after the world had decreed after WWI that such conditions in the workplace were EVIL. Apparently, China has no problem with slavery, because it's been in the people slavery business for decades now.

Imagine children working 14 hour days, seven days a week. How long do your think their fragile minds can stand such conditions? How can a child grow up normal and sane, basically living and working in a 19th century British work house part two? Didn't we read Oliver Twist and other books as kids and recoil at the horror of such living conditions?

Western governments gave Western corporations tax breaks and incentives to relocate their factories overseas and this is the result of it. That, and a disenfranchised generation unable to find any work except in the military or the police state apparatus.

The people running this world are unable to see anyone with any degree of compassion or love. You have to be soulless to do these kinds of things to millions of children, then lie about it, and then pretend it isn't happening.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Movie Night

I found this movie's depiction of our world situation to be a very concise and thorough look behind the veil of mass deception. Unlike other movies of this type, many of whose purpose is simply to create FEAR, this one takes a higher road and offers a solution. More information is available at the filmmaker's website.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meeting the Smart Guy

Sometimes I am amazed at the responsiveness of the universe.(Sometimes I'm amazed at the unresponsiveness of the universe too but that's a whole 'nother kettle of fish which we won't get into right now as I'm pretty sure the problem there is something about me and not the universe.) For the past several years I have been on a search for truth and while with each step in the process questions get answered, at the same time new ones appear to be pondered. Miraculously the next step I take on the road to truth is always the right one. Never have I felt this more so than with the works of Charles Eisenstein. Having been inspired by his writings over the past few months the universe presented me with my next opportunity by bringing Charles to Los Angeles. He recently presented a two day seminar on what he calls, "Seeding Gift Culture". While the title refers to his idea of creating a culture of giving gifts to replace the current money/debt system which is sucking the very life out of this entire planet, the seminar include so much more. I am not aware of anyone who is currently expressing a clearer more all encompassing vision of how to create a more beautiful world than Charles. My feeble attempts at explaining it all would not do justice to his work so I will let him speak for himself. But I want to let you all know that he will be doing these seminars around the world. There is one coming up soon in NYC as well as one in Florida I believe. Check out his website for details.

He will also come to your town if you ask nice, first come first serve.

Without further ado here is Charles talking about "The Gift". This is part one of five. If part two doesn't come up you can find it on his You Tube Channel.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Return of the Smart Guy

For those of you that enjoyed Charles Eisenstein's essay, "The Ubiquitous Matrix of Lies" that I reposted here in June, here is his follow up article. I encourage you to go to the website and read the comments below the essay as Charles engages his readers and responds to their comments and questions. I'm suffering from a serious case of brain envy!

Published on Reality Sandwich (

A World-Creating Matrix of Truth
By Charles Eisenstein
Created 07/31/2009 - 17:22

God said, "Let there be light!" And there was light. -- Genesis 1:1

It was an old story that was no longer true. Truth can go out of stories you know. What was true becomes meaningless, even a lie, because the truth has gone into another story. The water of the spring rises in another place.
-- Ursula K. LeGuin

The purpose of this essay is to illuminate how we might restore the sacred, world-creating Power of Word.

Powerful words - those that affect physical reality beyond the capacity of one set of hands - are those that create a story that enrolls other people. By a story, I mean a system of meaning that focuses human intention and assigns roles to those involved in that story. Here are some examples of stories: America, France, money, the government, property, marriage, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, Citibank. That these things are stories becomes clear when people stop believing them. When people lose confidence in a government, it is no longer a government but just a bunch of men and women in suits. When people lose confidence in a currency, it becomes mere slips of paper. When people stop agreeing that your possessions are "yours," they become just things.

Stories have their own life cycle. Stories that were once true and potent grow old and infirm, and eventually they die. Today this is happening to some of our deepest stories, the great myths of our civilization. In particular, two related stories have created the world we know today, and both of them are nearing their end. Ultimately, it is because they have entered their terminal phase that we have the ubiquitous matrix of lies I wrote about in Part 1 of this essay [1]. Lies have a way of growing until they consume all life.

The first of these world-creating stories is the Story of Ascent. It is our story of the people. It says the humanity has risen from a state of nature, a state of scientific ignorance and technological impotence, to becoming nature's lords and masters. We have harnessed natural forces, penetrated the mysteries of the universe, overcome natural limitations with technology. Someday, says the story, our understanding and control will be complete, thanks to nanotechnology, space travel, infinite energy, social and genetic engineering, etc. Humanity: conquerors of nature, onward and upward forever!

The second defining story of our civilization is our Story of Self: that we are discrete and separate beings living in an objective universe. You and I are separate - mutually dependent, perhaps, in a practical way, but independent of each other or anyone else for our basic being-ness. From the selfish gene of biology to the rational actor of economics to the flesh-encapsulated soul of religion, all of our ideologies are aligned with our story of self. And, from the medical system to the criminal justice system to the money system, all of our social institutions enact it.

Both of these defining stories are crumbling around us. Neither is true any more. Few people today greet the Story of Ascent with the same near-universal fervor of, say, the 1950s, as all the promises of technotopia (the end of disease, unlimited energy, a leisure society, space colonies) fade into legend. Collapse, not ascent, is the new meme, and this collapse ushers in new realization of connectedness, of interdependency, and along with it the end of the story of the discrete and separate self. The independent, unencumbered man of reason no longer beckons as an ideal: we crave now community, intimacy and connection.

It is time now to tell a new Story of the People and a new Story of Self. The first might be something like, "A peaceful humanity living in co-creative partnership with a wild garden earth." It is a humanity that no longer takes unthinkingly from Mother Earth, but a humanity that co-creates and coevolves together with Lover Earth, starting, I think, with an initial centuries-long phase of healing the wounds to nature and the indigenous spirit that civilization has inflicted. The second new story is the connected self: a nexus of relationships, a node in the cosmic cycle of gifts, an individual dependent not only for survival, but for her very being, on her relationship to all that was Other.

As the old stories collapse, truth will imbue new stories that spring from "co-creative humanity on Lover Earth" and "the connected self." The primary task is not to articulate these overarching meta-stories directly, but to flesh out the constellations of stories that bring them to life. One such example is the story of money [2] -- a currency system that embodies the truth of the connected self and which does not necessitate endless exponential growth - "more for me is more for you" - rather than the truth of the current usury-based system - "more for me is less for you." Another story would be any medical paradigm based not on the conquest of germs and the pharmaceutical control of body systems, but on the connections among all aspects of a person's extended being. I could list more examples, from every field, encompassing nearly anything today that goes under the category of "holistic" or "alternative."

You might be thinking, "I've been telling such stories for years, but no one seems to be listening. I thought this essay was going to tell me how to invest my words with power." Ok. For words to have power, they must be the truth for the person speaking them, and there must be listeners who are ready to move into that story as well. Let's consider both of these conditions.

Many people who tell these new stories, based on the connected self, don't really believe them. If you believe them, your life will be very different from the typical life of the Age of Separation. Beliefs are not mere vapors in the head; they manifest in all aspects of one's life and relationships. To speak a story compellingly, you must live within it. Consider the difference between someone preaching the gospel of trust in Providence who is afraid to leave his job and follow his bliss, and one who walks the walk. The words of the former won't be very convincing. Consider someone telling you all about the benefits of her meditation practice, when she is actually doing it to proudly establish a new identity as a spiritual or "conscious" meditator. Either way, even if you have no evidence of hypocrisy, you can feel it. Their words will sound like, well, bullshit.

At a festival recently I sat down for dinner next to a young man who had entered a certain Hindu monastic tradition. After mentioning several times that he is a vegan, he spent about an hour regaling me with his spiritual teachings: the illusion of all sensory perception, the principle of karma, the nature of the ego, the mastery of the monkey mind, the illusion of the self, and so on. He also expressed a thinly veiled frustration that hardly anyone listens to him, that they ignore what he says. I said little, just listening, except when I asked him if he thinks he is better than other people because he is so conscious (not as conscious as the senior teachers in his tradition, but working on it) and they are so ignorant. He said they just aren't making the effort - spirituality requires effort you know. "You are making the effort and they aren't - that means you're better, right?" But my words fell on deaf ears.

In that conversation, neither of our words had much power. His had no power because the teachings he was articulating were not actually true for him. He says, "I believe this, I believe that," but these teachings are only powerful if they spring from direct realization. When they do, they find the right words for anyone "with ears to hear," and most likely these words won't include much spiritual jargon, but will sound fresh, arresting. Even though the self is in fact an illusory construct, it was nonetheless untrue when he said it. Truth is only circumstantially related to facts. Truth is something you can feel. If he really knew what he spoke, that knowledge would affect every fiber of his being. You would be able to see it in his movements, in his life, in his eyes; you would hear it in his voice.

My words to him weren't powerful either: not because they didn't come from direct knowledge, but because I was foolishly saying them to someone who wasn't ready to hear them. Humility reminds us to answer only when asked (though the question might be silent), but I was indulging in an arrogance that has repeatedly impoverished and isolated me in this world. It is actually quite arrogant to presume to know who needs what knowledge when. I was speaking from annoyance, impatience, and perhaps a touch of contempt. I had lost touch with the humility that knows that I am not a teacher, only the agent of people's self-teaching, a conduit for the right message at the right time. If I had been wiser, I would have realized that he was asking for affirmation, that he was still growing within the new identity his monastic order had given him, and was not nearly ready to grow out of it. There we were, a couple of bullshitters. He was right to ignore my words.

Entry into a new story of self or story of the world is (usually) not a sudden, all-at-once process, and it never happens by an act of will. One sign of incomplete integration into the connected self is a feeling of despair in the face of the enormous forces blocking good in this world. The feeling of individual powerlessness buys into the ideology of the separate self, who can affect an objective universe of force and mass only through whatever puny force it can muster. But if you have truly entered into the truth of the connected self, you will know that your personal choices have cosmic significance.

Words that are powerful are words that are true for both speaker and listener, creating a story both enact. This truth can come from direct knowledge or, more commonly, from the ambient meta-stories of the society. Today those meta-stories are dying, compelling us to return to the original source of the power of story: truth. Today we are so immersed in a ubiquitous matrix of lies that we have nearly forgotten what the truth feels like. So my first suggestion for restoring the sacred Power of Word is to re-sensitize our selves to the ring of truth, the feeling of authenticity.

There are many ways to do this. Practice hearing the lingua adamica [3], the calls of the human animal that underlie all speech, the voice behind the words. You can hear it most clearly in the sounds of emotional expression, of lovemaking, of children playing, and in words that don't mean but are: "yippee," "wow," "oh," etc. These are real and intimate sounds that hide nothing. You will fall in love with a lot of people because you will hear their soul speaking. Do the same with your eyes: When you look at people, see the god behind the mask by letting go of interpretations such as "What must she be thinking about me?" You will catch glimpses of naked divinity. Surround yourself as much as possible by imperfect objects, especially handmade ones, not the abstract perfection of machine made articles, which embody the same perceptual mentality as symbolic culture. Immerse yourself for a few days in the sounds and sights of nature, without speaking or reading - when you return, the lie in almost all speech will be painfully obvious, and the occasional truth like music. (And in music too there is truth.)

I will describe the feeling of truth as I experience it. I don't know if your experience will be the same. True words pierce all the way through me. They convict me, in the archaic sense of that word. I feel a sense of awe, the presence of the sacred. Doubt is out of the question, though I might struggle for a while against a painful truth. Yet even then, there is a sense of homecoming, a reunion with something I have always known. Often, I hear truth in the voice behind the words, the poetry. To me, true words are beautiful words, and beautiful words are true. Lies, no matter how pretty, ring hollow.

Here is an example now of some words that carry truth. It is a poem spoken by the Navajo Tom Torlino in 1890. It must be read slowly, slowly enough that you can hear his voice speaking through the words.

I am humbled before the earth
I am humbled before the sky
I am humbled before the dawn
I am humbled before the evening twilight
I am humbled before the blue sky
I am humbled before the darkness
I am humbled before the sun
I am humbled before that standing within me which speaks with me
Some of these things are always looking at me
I am never out of sight
Therefore I always tell the truth
That is why I always tell the truth
I hold my word tight to my breast.*

You know the feeling of truth. You know when someone is speaking truth. The more you pay attention to this feeling, the more sensitive to it you will become. The more sensitive to it you become, the more unpleasant will be the phony, incontinent feeling of not being in truth. You will want, as Tom Torlino says, to "hold your word tight to your breast." You will listen for the truth not just in others' words, but in your own. When you do not hear it, you will wish to investigate why. Are you speaking from direct knowledge? Is this knowledge something you have integrated into your life? Are you speaking it to someone who will hear?

One change I noticed in my speech, as I became more aware of the potential power and pleasure of my words, is that I began to swear less - not out of any principle, but because the resentful impotence encoded in "fuckin' this" and "fuckin' that," the tired cynicism of calling everything "shit," the helpless rage at an unchangeable, unjust world that made me want to damn things and swear at things, was no longer consistent with my story of the world and my story of self, and that inconsistency was something I learned to feel. And it felt bad! I like to feel good, so I stopped speaking in expletives so much. Habitual swearing weakens one's words. Nonetheless I do not necessarily suggest that you make a willful effort to stop. Instead, notice the mindset and feeling that goes along with it. Notice it, and the change will come naturally. An added benefit is that when you stop habitual swearing, then non-habitual swearing becomes more fun and more powerful too. Fuck yeah!

The quintessential creative statement is: "So it shall be." Or, as in Genesis: "Let there be." According to spiritual literature, when spoken by a highly enlightened being such statements have enormous generative power. They work only to the extent that the speaker speaks in truth. If you say, "Let there be light," hoping that there will be light, wishing that there will be light, or even believing that there is a possibility that there won't be light, then there will be no light. But how could anyone stand so strongly in truth when he or she habitually uses words to deceive ("I'll call you back tomorrow”) or uses them careless of the truth ("I'm am going to quit smoking tomorrow") or for purposes that are not sacred, like gossip? Then the connection between our words and the truth atrophies, and they become impotent. That is another reason to hold your word tight to your breast. Keep it sacred. Keep it true. That doesn't necessarily mean solemnity - there is great truth in humor and fun. It means that what you say is consistent with the true story of who you are and the world you want to live in. In the coming age, these will derive, respectively, from the great meta-stories of the connected self and Lover Earth.

I am sure you know people of powerful word. When they say, "Such-and-such will be," it actually happens. Ram Dass describes how his guru, Neem Karoli Baba, would travel around India and occasionally say, "There will be a hospital here," or "There will be a temple here." His followers and devotees, some of whom were quite wealthy, would then build one. This is a pure example of the Power of Word. You might say, "Nothing magical happened here. It wasn't Neem Karoli that caused those hospitals to be built. It was his followers, who revered him." But the means doesn't matter. By whatever means, a word spoken in truth becomes real.

There is no dichotomy between some "magical" creative power of word and the ordinary means through which we create our world through our shared stories. When the state legislature says, through its layers of symbols and rituals (legislation, appropriations bills, etc.), "Let there be a road here," a road indeed manifests. The stories that embed such documents and the agreements around them lend their truth to them. (Today, for example, for most, there is still such as thing as the "State of Pennsylvania.") When President Obama says (not in so many words), "Let there be more troops in Afghanistan!" he has no doubt - nor does anyone else - that it shall come to pass. He and the rest of us have assistance in believing his words. Obama is “President of the United States" which connotes a vast constellation of meaning. Our Story of the People invests his words with power. It is when our symbols, our words and rituals, stop creating reality that we know our Story of the People is coming to an end. When that happens, as at the end of the U.S.S.R., the words of government officials become mere noise, and no one listens because no one buys into the story that gave them power. That is why I think the failure of our elites to speak the economy back to health are significant. Their rituals are losing their power, because the deep stories of our civilization are coming to an end. What was once true is true no longer. Eventually, what was once real will become unreal: the President will be just a man, money will be just slips of paper, a nation just lines on maps.

Such a time is ripe for the creation of new stories, a new matrix of truth. Unencumbered by the world as it was, we can speak new worlds into existence. We can proclaim truths that are free of the past. In times of a crisis of story, when systems of meaning are falling apart, there are many with the ears to hear a new one. At such times, a small group of people or even a single person can weave a new world for millions. To be able to do this, you must be able to hold your story, in truth, without the reinforcement of the conventional stories that surround you. You are an inventor, a pioneer, on your own in a search for truth - a new truth, not the one you grew up with, not the old stories of what is.

For decades now, perceptive people have been sensing the lie of this world. In the heady days of Ascent, only a few cultural sensitives were aware of it, the lonely voices of romantics, artists, and Beats. Since the counterculture movement of the 1960s, we have all been growingly cognizant of the ubiquitous matrix of lies. New stories are emerging, narratives of a more beautiful world. They beckon us, but we dare not believe they could really come to pass. People love the idea, for example, of alternative currencies, but how many, even among the activists, can say in truth, "The world financial system as we know it will be gone in five years, replaced by a demurrage-charged global currency that arises organically from thousands of community currencies?" Or even in fifty years? How many activists can look upon the crumbling of the old world and KNOW that a more beautiful one will take its place? How many can see the inevitable disintegration of the story of Ascent, and KNOW that the age of co-creative partnership with Lover Earth is dawning? But this is the level of knowing that is necessary right now. To be a storyteller of the Age of Reunion, you must be able to hold onto your knowing of the truth so steadfastly that you can know it on behalf of those who do not yet know. You must know it for those who are still wandering between stories. To speak a new world into existence, you must know it before anyone else does (else it would not be new). It is of no great difficulty to speak the old world into existence. We do that all the time. But now we cannot, because the story of that world is in its last stages.

In other words, to speak a new world into existence we must have great faith in the truth. We don't have the ambient stories of society as allies, nor do we even have evidence as our ally. If you speak the new stories from a place less than real knowing - say from hope or belief - then your words will have insufficient power to draw others into the story or to empower them to enact the role that that story has for them.

Sometimes people think I am advocating a kind of insanity. Isn't that what insane people do: base their beliefs not on evidence, but on what they want to be true? If you want something to be true, does that make it true? Am I saying that we are greater than the truth? Not at all. I am not talking about making up the truth. I am talking about humbling ourselves to the truth, listening for it and to it. It is when we mortgage truth to evidence that we are in hubris, imagining we can become truth's masters.

There are many stories out there today, and all of them fit the evidence. All of the evidence can be made to fit a conspiracy story involving secret cabals and alien visitors, just as it can fit the conventional story of science and politics. If he follows evidence as the royal road to truth, then the honest man eventually ends up not at the palace, but in a place called "I don't know."** Walking the road of evidence, the truth is visible out there, right on the horizon. Maybe a few more miles and one will reach it. But the horizon gets no closer.

Many people write me letters from the place between stories, the place of "I don't know." They hear the stories of a more beautiful world and basically think, "Well, it would sure be nice..." The old story is over, but they dare not embrace the new. They dare not believe, especially in the absence of evidence. (All the evidence seems to indicate that the power-hungry people who control the world will just tighten their grip forever, and the rest of us are too ignorant or puny to stop them.) The catch-22 is that the evidence will only - can only - follow the belief. When America's "Founding Fathers" declared independence, there was no evidence of it. Only when enough people believed that declaration and carried out roles in conformity to it, did the fact of independence emerge. So it is today. The pioneering storytellers must believe without evidence. They must trust truth instead.

(I don't suggest flouting evidence either. Indeed, the occurrences of our lives can open our hearts to the truth. Evidence is a servant of truth; we have made it into its master.)

At some point, if we want to be creators of the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible, we must let go of "I don't know" and choose, without evidence, the story that is true. Again, we recognize the truth by how it feels. We do not choose what is true - that would indeed be insane. We choose stories, not truth. We can choose them based on many things: evidence, truth, wishful thinking, fear, ego, gratitude, and obligation. What I am suggesting is to choose our stories based on truth, and with them to manifest truth in the world.

I will leave you with a paradox. Creative statements of what shall be are powerful when they are spoken in the authentic knowledge of inevitability. Yet, if they are not spoken in that knowledge, the inevitable is instead impossible. Through us - the truth-speakers, the storytellers - the truth speaks itself into existence.


* Excerpt from Navajo and Tibetan Wisdom: The Circle of the Spirit by Peter Gold.

** See A State of Belief is a State of Being [4] for a discussion of this principle as applied to the Scientific Method.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just Stop

I came upon this website and it just blew me away. This guy just cuts right through all the bullshit and lays it out for all to see. And it is not easy to confront. His words have cut me where I needed to be cut and I'm bleeding, or perhaps it's a bloodletting, trying to rid myself of this addiction to the poisonous comforts of this unsustainable civilization.
I have posted the essay below but I suggest you visit the website to get the full picture(including the pictures that are included as part of this article that didn't copy here.) Lots to think about...decisions waiting to be made....

If you want to change the results and you cannot change the circumstances,
then you must change what is possible. This website is dedicated to
reinventing what is possible: Just stop. Build an ark.
a nexus of collaborating next-culture experimenters


Here you receive additional information and details to Just Stop. Much of this information may feel so overwhelming that it’s better to study it in small chunks. Take the time to question, to understand and to digest these ideas during the course of your weekly Just Stop Team meetings. Print out parts and use them for study and discussion materials.

Shifting to sustainable lifestyles can only be achieved through unconventional actions, because the conventional is not sustainable. Immediate non-cooperation with Western consumerism is unconventional.

Jumping off a moving freight train can tear your pants and skin your knees, but as an alternative to going over the cliff with the train, jumping off is not a bad choice.

Jumping off the Western consumerism freight train is a personal risk because we don’t know how it’s done. No one can force us to do it. But no one can stop us from doing it either.

A growing number of people Just Stop even though they have no guarantee that it will make a difference. They don’t even try to explain to everybody what they are doing. They Just Stop. You can Just Stop too.

Unsustainability can be unsustained. Just Stop sustaining it.


Just Stop does not mean decrease. It means suddenly, totally, permanently stop.
Just Stop is nonviolent noncooperation with unsustainability.
Just Stop means to cease participating in every part of Western consumerism that is not sustainable. This turns out to include just about every aspect of Western culture.

In straight practical terms, if you Just Stop it would eventually look like this:

* You stop buying anything packaged in plastic. Plastic is made from oil. You bring your own cloth bags, a wicker basket or a backpack. You tell your grocer why you stop.

* You stop buying disposables, things that you use for awhile and then throw away, like party favors, lighters, ball point pens, decorations. You tell your drugstore why you stop.

* You stop buying synthetic, rubber, plastic clothing. It is made from oil.

* You stop buying anything that is not completely recyclable. Then you make sure it is recycled.

* You stop eating imported beef, or beef that is fed on imported grains. This includes almost all fast food restaurants. Farmlands for cattle food are made by burning tropical rainforest. The rapidly expanding beef industry produces huge amounts of methane.

* You stop buying foods grown farther than 200 miles from your home. The greenhouse gases from trucking foods cross country are enormous.

* You stop buying anything made with imported hardwoods like teak or mahogany. This is what rainforests are made of.

* You stop flying in planes. Huge quantities of greenhouse gases are spewed out of jets.

* You stop purchasing products delivered by cargo ship. The combined greenhouse gases emitted by global shipping exceeds the greenhouse gases from cars. Products arriving by ships include bananas and other tropical and out-of-season fruits, foreign clothing, foreign shoes, foreign made tools, foreign cars, foreign toys, foreign electronic goods, etc.

* You stop purchasing products and services from businesses that are not sustainable.

* You stop driving your car. You sell it. You walk, ride a bicycle, or use mass transportation systems. You get a cart for the back of your bicycle so you can haul small loads.

* You plan to take much more time to get from one place to another.

* You stop using electricity that is made from oil, coal, or natural gas, or from nuclear reactors.

* You stop living in an area near rising sea levels.

* You stop living in an area where your food must be trucked in. You make friends with local organic farmers. You learn to grow your own organic food. You grow as big a garden as you can, without pesticides or petrochemical fertilizers. You find and preserve your own non-hybrid seeds.

* You stop living in a house that is heated with oil, coal, natural gas, or electricity as above.

* You stop going to your job if it involves mining, oil production, refinement, delivery or sales, deforestation, chemical or nuclear industries, oil powered transportation, etc.

* You stop going to your job if it is in the government. Government is a tremendous producer of greenhouse gases. When you stop, it stops.

* You stop going to your job if it is in the military or in any way supplies the military. The military is a tremendous producer of greenhouse gases. When you stop, it stops.

* You stop giving you authority to a government that takes irresponsible or reprehensible actions in your name. You withdraw you franchise. You legally terminate your agreement to be bound by their laws. You alter your life to bypass government completely, and bind yourself instead to a more responsible Code of Conduct.

* You keep educating yourself.

* You keep meeting with others who are also stopping.

* You create a project with others to develop and live in sustainable culture. You build an ark.

When I Just Stop it does not mean I am trying to get others to Just Stop.

Just Stopping is personal. I stop because I am unwilling to continue creating the consequences of not stopping.

After stopping, what do I do instead? Meet often with my family and friends to figure out a lifestyle for me that is sustainable on earth for the long term.

Every changed action matters. There are cultures that have continued for 30,000 years. Modern Western consumerism has proven itself suicidal within 150.

By consciously stopping before I am forced to stop by climate change conditions I am not forced into bare survival. I have a few years right now to collaborate with friends and family to create the businesses and traditions of sustainable culture.

Could I suddenly stop? The will to stop comes when I reclaim my unique personal vision of a life of well being. Am I willing to live my vision?

You have the right to opt out. You can awaken aliveness in yourself through nonviolent non-cooperation with what is not you. I could have said: You can awaken aliveness through free enactment of your destiny, but this assumes that you are not a sheep. In the Paul Simon song, Pigs Sheep and Wolves, we are the sheep. (Paul did not tell me this. It’s my interpretation.)

Ordinarily we imagine our life as interplay between the sheep and the wolves. We are the sheep. They are the wolves. (Even black sheep are still sheep…) This oversimplified myth of us vs. them, sheep vs. wolves, good guys vs. bad guys puts us to sleep about noticing the activity of a third player in the melodrama: the pigs. Revealing the existence of pigs gives a more realistic three-way dynamic.

Sheep are us, the gullible consumers, the slumbering majority, the marks. In these days of miracle and wonder, it is not, “We the people…,” it is, “We the sheeple…” There is no “them.” There is no secret conspiracy of millionaires and billionaires. People live out their lives in various costumes according to what they want to experience. People wearing the sheep costumes want to feel safe.

Wolves are the visible forces of culture such as all levels of overt and covert government, police, laws, taxes, politicians, courts, lawyers, judges, schools, churches, military, social services, IRS, FBI, CIA, DOD, NSA, NSC, AMA, FDA, etc., those three letter organizations that exist for your protection. Wolf forces tell us what we can’t do. People wearing the wolf costumes want to feel right.

Pigs are the invisible forces of culture such as corporate brands, franchises, slogans, lifestyles, entertainment, sexual images, cars, technologies, addictive foods and drugs (legal and illegal), health ideas, news and media channels, sports and fans, movie stars, holiday rituals, credit, investments, insurances, and so on. Pig forces tell us what we can do. People wearing the pig costumes want to feel successful. Pigs invisibly eat sheep and blame the wolves.

Pig forces are “invisible” because from inside the culture we regard piggish influences as being the culture, whereas from outside the culture they are more easily seen as devouring the culture. Pigs strategically subsume natural human diversity with monoculture. For example, the more sheep that find an identity for themselves in a particular brand, the more sheep see that and are mesmerized to consume the same brand, and the more successful those brand pigs feel. Human culture is naturally diverse, being the creative expression of unique individuals. Whatever coerces individuals to use a brand name identity rather than to unfold and express their own unique identity devours the culture.

This picture is rather grim. There you are, a sheep, trapped by wolves defining what you can’t do, and pigs defining what you can do. Your way out of this trap is through taking extraordinary responsibility for respecting yourself and others as unique human beings – different from a sheep, a wolf, or a pig.

But let’s face it. Against such formidable forces, a weak and tasty morsel like yourself has minimal chances of success. You are a herd animal, offering your life force to wolves and pigs in exchange for feeling safe. If it is any consolation, sheep have a far easier time going nonlinear and awakening from this theatrical performance than do the pigs or wolves. This is because the wolves are right and the pigs are successful and each of them has so much to lose if they stopped playing the game. But if you are a sheep, what have you got to lose?

Directly confronting wolf or pig forces is out of the question by now, and not the purpose of this writing. But intelligently sidestepping wolf or pig forces is always an option, like a bullfighter sidesteps a bull.

Sidestepping the visible wolf forces is straightforward. You can avoid joining the army or a church. You can find a way to earn a paycheck not signed by any branch of the government. You can home school your children. You can obey the laws that are respectful of your dignity, and invisibly avoid those that are not.

Far more challenging is to sidestep the invisible pig forces. What makes pigs so effective at devouring sheep? It is the cleverness of their methodology. Whereas wolves use external threat to control the human spirit (any disobedience is punishable by fine or imprisonment, or both) pigs use an internal threat: insecurity. A sheep’s highest goal is security. When we sheep even for a moment think of doing something other than what the pigs dictate we must do to be acceptable to our neighbors, we melt into a puddle of quivering insecurity.

The most shocking element of this puzzle is that both the goal of security, and the threat of insecurity, are imaginary. We sheep live in blind obeisance to wolf and pig forces because we have adopted the absurd belief that security is a possibility.

Let us examine this belief.

Believing that security is possible involves using a special distortion of the mind. It is the same distortion that a mathematician uses to define a sphere even though no true spheres exist in the universe. It is the same distortion the mind uses to think of one apple even though one apple cannot exist outside of an entire ecosystem of apple trees / sun / rain / manure / bees, etc.

Since the apple is slowly ripening or rotting in our hand it is never in a steady state but always in flux.

The belief that security is possible uses an intellectual distortion that excludes one minor fact about life: Sooner or later, in one way or another, you are going to die. Nothing can make you secure enough to avoid your own death and the death of everyone you know.

Security is possible? Only in your imagination! What if you stopped pursuing the fantasy of security? What if you dared living your life? What kind of life would that be?

EXPERIMENT: This is a profound and long term experiment. Your experiment is to take your life back from the theatrical interplay of pigs, sheep and wolves through nonviolent non-cooperation with the fantasy of security. Two elements will support your experimenting: 1) Examining how you now support pigs and wolfs, and, 2) Considering nonviolent non-cooperation with what is not you.

1) SUPPORTING PIGS AND WOLVES Write one list of all the ways you give time, energy, attention, money, complaining, or worry to wolf forces (e.g. taxes, speeding, politics, lawyers, schooling). Take your time doing this so that the list is rather complete. Then make a separate list of how you feed pig forces, remembering that pig forces are more difficult to identify (e.g. your attitudes, your clothing styles, how you look, your possessions, where you eat, where you go online, where you shop, what brands you buy, your involvement with sports, your health practices, your holidays, how you entertain yourself, how you are attracted or repelled by others). In each case, write specifically what you lose while maintaining your illusion of security.

2) NONVIOLENT NON-COOPERATION Nonviolent non-cooperation is a practice in human dignity that was developed and implemented by Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and others.

There are important distinctions to know about this practice. The central point is reserving your right to disagree with anything – not as a silent or weak expression, but rather as a clearly communicated responsible noncompliance. You already know that you will pay a price but that your suffering is just the experience of increasing consciousness.

Start nonviolent non-cooperation with the pig forces. When you say, do, think, or believe anything that is not authentically what you want to say, do, think, or believe it is the pig forces at work. Pig forces make your life have a false ring to it. Ask for feedback from some people who know you. Ask where you could experiment with being noncompliant with that falseness?

Here are some possibilities:

- Carefully and neutrally observe yourself when waking up, washing, dressing, eating, arranging things, going places, talking with people, working and so on. What are you doing that is normal only because it is normal? Consider non-cooperation with the force of normal.

- Spend fifteen minutes in each of your rooms examining each of your possessions one at a time. Pick one up. Determine why you have that thing? Did it come from media or from your soul? Do you own it out of politeness and social acceptability or because it nurtures your being? Assess each jar of cream and bottle of perfume, every book, magazine, kitchen appliance, each piece of clothing and pair of shoes. Consider non-cooperation with marketing departments and social pressures.

- What opinions do you have about politics, beauty, children, work, time, or your neighbors that agree with other peoples’ opinions? What happens when you express a different opinion? Consider nonviolent non-cooperation with predominant opinions.

- When do you strategize about how others might react to various things you could say instead of directly saying what needs to be said? Consider noncompliance with your social fears. - What automatic reactions, attitudes, prejudices, beliefs do you have that a majority of others have? Can you find a place in you that has a different reaction? Consider non-cooperation with your automatic reactions.

3) EXTRA CREDIT EXPERIMENT Once you have created a gap between the pig, sheep and wolf forces and your daily behavior that is big enough for noncompliance to express itself, begin creating out of nothing what you truly want to do. Do not be frightened if at first there is nothing in the gap that seems to come from you. Do not let the pigs, sheep and wolves back into the void. Keep the gap open until your authentic moves create a rich and unique life of love, beauty, kindness and appreciation for you and your friends.

Since the actions of government and business are not directed towards providing humanity with a long future of well being, the most pressing question is what can people do at a grass-roots level to sustain human life on earth?

One answer is: Just Stop.

For example, to avoid being extinguished by poisonous technological by-products, the obvious answer is to stop consuming the products that produce the byproducts.

The difficulty is that technological byproducts are often hidden within manufacturing processes and their detrimental effects may be delayed for years.

For example, one previously unrecognized poisonous byproduct is DDT, an ingredient of a pesticide used in industrial farming and in the control of malaria-bearing mosquitoes. DDT’s harmful side-effects were not generally recognized when its insecticidal properties won its inventor, Paul Müller the 1948 Nobel Prize. It took years of coordinated efforts by environmental activists, scientists and concerned citizens to raise the general awareness about DDT to the point that farmers would change their behavior and actually stop using it. Finally in 1972 DDT was banned in the US, although it is still being used in other countries today.

An even more horrendous technical byproduct is DU (Depleted Uranium, U-238).

Depleted uranium is the by-product that remains after producing U-235 for the nuclear weapons and nuclear power industries. For each ton of enriched U-235, seven tons of depleted uranium are produced. Depleted Uranium is a marketing term of the nuclear industry. DU was originally recognized as a poison gas Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) by the Manhattan Project during World War II. DU stays radioactive for 4.5 billion years, as long as the earth is old. For human beings, that means forever.

It is thought that the US currently has 1 million tons of depleted uranium radioactive waste, while the UK has at least 50,000 tons. This waste is stored in cylinders at many sites across the US and UK and is vulnerable to corrosion and leaks owing to aging cylinders and unprotected storage. It is stored mainly in the form of depleted uranium hexafluoride (DUF6) which can leak if the corroding cylinders are breached.

Trying to figure out how to safely store the stuff is a major headache – actually, it is impossible to safely store DU for 4.5 billion years. So clever people in high places figured out that DU is cheap to obtain (nobody wants to keep it), heavy, and hard, the perfect material for making armor piercing projectiles and bombs.

In 2002 and 2003 the United Nations determined that all DU weapons are illegal. DU weapons fit all four weapons test definitions of weapons banned by the Hague Conventions, the Geneva Conventions, and all other sources of military law.

According to this international law signed by the US, a weapon may be banned if:
(1) it has harmful effects outside the legal field of battle (the geography test);
(2) it has harmful effects after the war is over (the time test);
(3) its use is unduly inhuman or causes undue suffering (the humaneness test); or
(4) it has a harmful effect on the environment (the environment test).

DU weapons fit all these criteria perfectly. DU weapons are all illegal.

But the clever people in high places managed to convince the US regime to ignore their UN agreements and to illegally manufacture, transport, sell and use massive numbers of DU weapons during US, British and Israeli military operations in Arab nations in 1973, Iraq in 1991, Bosnia in 1994-1995, Kosovo/Yugoslavia in 1999, Afghanistan in 2001-2004, Iraq again in 2003, and in Lebanon still today. Tons of DU munitions have also been fired in testing and training grounds in Puerto Rico, Japan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, America and now Australia.

The problem with DU is that it burns explosively and at a very high temperature. The uranium puffs into clouds of nano-sized smoke particles that are so fine they go right through gas masks. The dust mixes with the air and can be carried over long distances. For example, nine days after the US’s 2003 first strike on Baghdad, radiation detectors in England went off the scale. Get out your map and draw a line between Baghdad and England and see who else was dusted along the way.

DU’s radioactivity is insidious because, although it can be stopped by a sheet of paper, if DU dust is inhaled or ingested it lodges in the tissues of the body and shoots radiation grenades strong enough to destroy DNA and cause cancer and birth defects forever.

The soldiers who fought in these battles were never properly protected from the dangers of their exposure to DU. For example, an estimated 575,000 US soldiers participated in the 1991 Gulf War I (Desert Shield and Desert Storm). The war was hailed as a major victory for the US, partly attributable to tank busting DU weaponry.

Although only 292 U.S. Servicemen and Women were killed in action in Gulf War 1, by mid 2004, almost all of these veterans (518,739) were on medical disability pensions. More than 11,000 silently died.

In a US Government study on post-Gulf War babies born to 251 Mississippi veterans with healthy children before they fought in Iraq, 67 percent of their babies born after their return had serious illnesses or serious birth defects. The grotesquely deformed babies born to US veterans look exactly like the babies being born in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Serbia. (Most photos are so disturbing that I did not want to show them on this website.)

Birth defects, cancers, leukaemia’s, debilitating illnesses and agonizing deaths are the documented cases of Americans who had brief battlefield contact with DU. What of the people who live in the battlefield? Try to imagine what might be going on undocumented in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Lebanon and Kosovo, where tons of spent DU munitions still contaminate the air, land, animals, plants, people and drinking water. Try to imagine.

Since 1991 the US, UK and Israel have exploded an amount of DU that releases the nuclear contamination equivalent to 460,000 Hiroshima bombs.

The US has now stockpiled millions of additional DU weapons in South Korean and Japanese air bases for near-term use in their next planned genocide.

The US government still denies its responsibilities, particularly with regards to having illegally and intentionally contaminated 8% of the earth’s surface with lethal radiation poisons forever. If you draw 1000 kilometer contamination circle around the central DU targets you will observe that the US may well have genocidal intentions towards China and Russia.

Since the United Nations has not acted to stop the blatantly illegal manufacture, sales, transportation and use of Depleted Uranium weapons by the US, you can. All you need to do is Just Stop buying any US products until all DU weapons have been recalled by their manufacturers and the DU is stored in its county of manufacture.

Just Stop buying anything from Starbucks, McDonalds, Burger King, Coca Cola, Disney, Monsanto, Exxon, Mobile, Phillip Morris, Marlboro, Wal-Mart, Levi’s, Gap, Citi Bank, Ford, GM, Mars, Chrysler, Boeing, Gillette, Kraft, Merrill Lynch, Budweiser, Pfizer, Microsoft, Google, IBM, GE, Harley Davidson, Hewlett Packard, Halliburton, American Express, Dell, Pepsi, Goodyear, Nike, UPS, Mattel, Parker, JP Morgan Chase, Apple, Kellogg’s, Heinz, MTV, Accenture, Papermate, Xerox, eBay, Wrigley’s, Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, Caterpillar, Duracell, Bechtel, Alliant Techsystems, etc. Just Stop. And tell your friends what you are doing. And if you want to end Great Britain’s DU participation then also Just Stop buying Smirnoff, BP, and Shell!

This simple action of making a personal embargo against US and UK brands until all DU is recalled and stored by its manufacturers has become an international movement. Every personal sanction at point of sale is felt back home in the US economy. The pressure is on.

Either the US economy will run out of funds to finance its warmongering, or US brands will collectively force the US regime to end its unconscionable use of DU worldwide. Perhaps the United Nations will even come to life and take NATO out of the DU cover-up business too. Just Stop buying US brands.This is a warm up exercise for what follows.

Although DU contamination is depraved and inexcusable, and in the long term, suicidal for the human species, we may be instigating an even quicker catastrophe from another hidden technical byproduct: greenhouse gases.

Our original computer climate models predicted that if global temperatures were to rise at all from increased concentrations of greenhouse gases, they would slowly rise over a century or two. By then we would surely have developed alternative sources of energy and could easily stop producing carbon dioxide and methane to avoid serious climate change.

But it turns out that our original predictions were wrong. Our computer models ignored the possibility of exceeding hidden tipping points after only slight rises in earth’s temperature. Passing a small tipping point triggers an immense chain reaction.

One unexpected tipping point was recently discovered. It involves the very possible sudden release of a portion of the 400 gigatons of methane hydrates that have been frozen under Siberian Arctic tundra for the last 40,000 years.

If overall earth temperature increases a mere two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial averages, temperatures in the Arctic regions increase 6 to 9 degrees. This is because as the ice melts dark colored earth or water is exposed which absorbs far more heat than white snow does. White snow reflects the heat. All this is already happening. Wherever earth and water are exposed the Arctic temperatures jump up. While the rest of earth’s temperature goes up a little, Arctic temperatures go up a lot.

Higher temperatures thaw deeper layers of Arctic tundra releasing more methane, capturing more heat, melting more snow and ice, and so on. Once in the atmosphere, methane traps over 20 times more heat than the well-known greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. Arctic warming already releases methane burps from bogs and lakes 5 times faster than measured a few years ago.

Due to the thermal inertia of the vast oceans, the present air temperature is actually lagging behind the amount of heat being captured by present greenhouse gases. And if we do stop polluting the air then a reflective haze will clear and more heat will get through the atmosphere. Taking these two factors into account we are almost certain to have passed the 2 C degrees threshold after which the earth slides into an unstoppable heatwave avalanche like it did 51 million years ago.

A culture is sustainable when it can thrive indefinitely. Western culture is not sustainable because it depends on consuming vanishing resources, and it produces greenhouse gases that are making the planet uninhabitable.

For modern culture to achieve sustainability it must immediately and completely Just Stop producing greenhouse gases. Since neither governments nor mass-market business firms have made Western culture sustainable, you can. All you need to do is Just Stop any actions that create greenhouse gases at work, at home, and at play.

But which actions create greenhouse gases? How much gas is produced by particular actions? Which actions are the highest priority to Just Stop? How do I manage all this?

These are responsible and intelligent questions to ask.

It is their answers that are difficult.

The answers to questions about what to Just Stop are monumental. We are not prepared to hear those answers.

Each of us personally generates too much greenhouse gases through the products we purchase, the services we use, the actions we take, and the work we do. Greenhouse gas production is woven so thoroughly into our daily lives that almost every aspect of modern Western civilization needs to drastically change for humanity to survive.

It is beyond a person’s typical capacity to make the leap from consumer society to sustainable society. Can you admit how expert you are at avoiding this most central issue?

We philosophize. We philanthropize. We demonize. But can we live without the products, services, actions and work that we have grown to regard as normal?

This challenge is too daunting, too full of fearful unknowns.

Try to imagine stopping whatever you do that consumes oil or creates greenhouse gases. Now try to imagine what would be left of your life.

What would you eat? Where would you live? How would you get around? What kind of work would you do? We aren’t prepared to make those leaps yet. That is okay. We still have a little time.

This website could explain what a sustainable life entails, and it will, later on. But giving you answers to questions you haven’t asked is like trying to talk to an alcoholic before he hits bottom. Have you stopped beating your wife and kids? Have you paid off your credit cards? He is not really listening. He is thinking about his next drink.

Hitting bottom involves reconciling on a deep personal basis how it could be that through my actions and inactions I am one of the criminal minds behind global warming. I am a designer of the human demise. I am the one asleep with poop in my pants.

For most of us, realizing how soulless we must be to exterminate irreplaceable species of plants and animals is so overwhelming and so frightening that we drop the introspection and get distracted in our busy lives. We focus on pretending as if nothing is happening, on not feeling the ancient grief.

We edit our self-perception to see ourselves merely enjoying a fast food hamburger rather than seeing ourselves paying South American farmers to burn one of the last remaining CO2 absorbers and replace it with soybeans for cattle that produce more methane.

You want to hit bottom? Never eat another fast food meal again in your life. Ever. That is hitting bottom. Find out what you are really doing with each thing you do. Find the hidden costs that you slip past and don’t pay. You may not feel so happy looking at yourself in the mirror.

This website is not about providing solutions because they would not be your solutions. This website is about building the capacity in you to make your own solutions.

Every child is born with a radiant vision full of possibilities. You knew it as a child. The vision was clear and inviting. But the vision back then was impossible for a child to accomplish. Perhaps the vision still is impossible. Perhaps you even tried to forget about it. But your vision did not go anywhere. It is your vision. Whatever time you spend working to fulfill other people’s agendas is time that you are not being true to your vision.

What would need to change in your situation so that your daily actions are more in alignment with your vision as a child? Need more time? More space? Less pressure?

What are you waiting for?

The world does not need your solutions. Solutions are easy, obvious, and simple. What is missing is the motive for implementing solutions. That is why we haven’t implemented any solutions. We have no vision. The world needs your vision. That is what you are here for: to deliver your vision, over and over again, endlessly. What are you willing to take a stand for in public at the risk of being laughed at? What are you willing to make happen that will benefit all beings everywhere?

Implementing the answers to that question would carry you into sustainable culture better than any list of resource saving actions. It is far too late for the world to be saved through incrementalizing. We need radical action. We need large groups of people to suddenly become aware of their original vision and to work together and make that the priority in their lives, instead of money, instead of possessions, instead of fame or security.

It is not about looking for solutions. We have solutions. What we do not have is the will to act on those solutions.

It is vision that empowers the will to act. Without our vision we have no will. It is about reconnecting to our vision. We miss our vision

Start by viewing this amazing 20 minute video.

I am not suggesting that you Just Stop. I am not extolling you. I am not saying we must or they have to or you should. I am speaking to myself.

The greatest barrier to suddenly stopping is that I was neither shown nor taught that there is no “we” in responsibility.

It is easy to see that immediate action is necessary. But proclaiming the obvious, “We must act,” is a death blow to true action, because “we” cannot act! Only I can act.

I feel afraid to stop because I cannot yet imagine how I could stop all use of modern amenities and still survive. But waiting until I understand how I will survive the sudden stopping only assures that I do not survive.

There are five to eight years of time left. I have procrastinated perhaps too long already. Anything other than sudden planet-wide non-participation in unsustainable culture equates to planetary suicide, possibly in decades, almost certainly in a century.

If I, as a corporate, governmental, or individual decision maker, wait until I am forced to stop a behavior by law, by bankruptcy or by immediate threat of death, it is already too late to avoid calamity.

Thinking that I must wait for circumstance to force me to change means I have forgotten my free will. With free will I can stop now, without regard for laws, finances, or reasons. This is my life. These are my decisions. I choose either consciously to stop or unconsciously to avoid choosing. Then I wait for circumstances to decide for me. This is irresponsible.

“Until the late 20th century, every generation throughout history lived with the tacit certainty that there would be generations to follow. Each assumed, without questioning, that its children and children’s children would walk the same earth, under the same sky. Hardships, failures and personal death were encompassed in the vaster assurance of continuity. That certainty is now lost to us, whatever our politics. That loss, unmeasured and unmeasurable, is the pivotal psychological reality of our time.” - Joanna Macy

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