Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Grim Grab Bag

Well it's coming on Christmas and we're all supposed to be happy and feeling all that peace on earth and goodwill towards men stuff. And I'm sure a lot of us "little people" do in fact feel that in our hearts or at least yearn for it to be a reality. Unfortunately while we delude ourselves that everything is normal and try to figure out how we are gonna come up with the money to pay off Santa so that there will be gifts under the tree for the kids on Christmas morning, the psychopaths that "represent" us on the world stage are gleefully rubbing their tentacles together in anticipation of the next "gift" that they are going to pull out of their grim grab bag and deliver to us in the most dramatic shock and awe fashion possible.

I really don't know what to write about in this blog at this point. So much bad shit has gone down in the past few years and the speed at which it is flying off the fan is just breathtaking. I can't just start at the beginning because I really have no idea where that would be. Should I talk about the next military atrocity or the next economic catastrophe or how about an environmental calamity? Maybe the best way to do this is to sneak my hand into the grim grab bag myself and see what I come out with. Ok here I go....reaching....I've got something here...oh shit, this one is red hot! Pardon me while I apply some burn cream to my fingers.

Ok so what have we got here, what's going to be the topic of the day. Well it starts with an "S" and ends with an "A". Can anyone guess what it is? Yes boys and girls, todays topic is Syria. Syria is a nice little country smack dab in the middle of the Middle East that just happens to be the next target on NATO's hit list to be decimated with depleted uranium and have their president hunted down and killed like a wild animal.

Syrian President Bashar Assad was given perhaps his last chance to plead his case to Barbara Walters last week. I have to say that if he had a ruthless mean streak to his personality he was able to conceal it very well. Despite Ms. Walter's repeated attempts to portray him as a cruel murderous dictator I came away feeling a lot of empathy for Mr. Assad.

I thought about what I might do if I was in his position. Assuming that none of us really has a lot of control over the world we are born into what would you do if you found yourself as the son of a dictator of an ancient country in the most troubled and besieged part of the world. Young Bashar decided to go off to England to study to become and ophthalmologist. Now if he really wanted to become a cruel dictator who could gouge out the eyes of anyone who opposed him I don't think he would have needed all that training. Just a few practice rounds on some small helpless animals with an ice pick and I think he would have been all set.

While in England he met his future wife, the lovely British born Asma and they were married shorty after he assumed the presidency following the death of his father in 2000. I first became aware that there was a first lady of Syria when I came across a You Tube video of her and her husband standing together on a platform when a sudden updraft revealed to the world that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Hey , what can I say? I'm a guy. This is the kind of stuff that gets my attention.

So it seems possible to me that Bashar and Asma might really want to make some big changes for the better in their country but they are up against a military/political machine that may not share the young couples enthusiasm for change and improving the conditions for the country's citizens. So maybe they find they have to move slowly and sometimes go along in order to get along. Maybe their reforms and improvements will take longer than they would like to get implemented but they just have to stick it out to see it through.

So that was my impression of the man after watching and listening to the interview. I'm fully aware that I could be totally wrong and that Mr. Assad could be just another in a long line of elite shape shifting reptilians who need to eat live, fresh babies on a regular basis in order to be able to remain in human form, just like the rest of the world leaders. Maybe he is after all a member of a race of aliens determined to enslave the entire human race and strip the planet of all of it's resources. Or maybe not. You can decide after you watch the video.

But really Assad is not the issue here. The thing to be concerned with is that American troops are assembling along the border of Syria as I speak. America is preparing to destroy Syria the same way we destroyed Iraq and Libya. America is nearing the end of a long term plan to topple all the "uncooperative " governments in the Middle East and create an environment of chaos. We accuse these countries of being "Terrorist Nations" or of simply supporting terrorists and then we go in with our military and destroy them. When are the American people going to wake up and realize that America is the worst terrorist nation the world has ever seen? Do you realize that WE are the ones that are using weapons of mass destruction, namely depleted uranium, which has been outlawed by the UN? This is being done in your name Mr. and Mrs America! Are you ready to take responsibility for this mass murder and this unprecedented environmental destruction? Is this what you really want?

If not, I suggest you join up with your nearest Occupy movement and do everything you can to let the world know that you do not support what the psychopaths in Washington are doing and demand a halt to this unprovoked aggression.

And hey, if all this is just fine with you then go ahead, continue shopping and have yourself a merry little Christmas. It might just be your last.

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