Sunday, August 2, 2009

Speaking with Integrity

I am posting this video of a speech given by Larken Rose on July 4th in front of Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed. His words will make many uncomfortable, but the truth often is.

I personally do not endorse using guns or violence as a way to sort out disagreements and nor do I believe does he. It is especially not a good idea to use such a tactic when you are in a disagreement with a government, since nobody has at their disposal more guns or violence than they do. But it is precisely because of the willingness of the government to use guns and violence that the disagreements continue. When a man can get thrown in jail for expressing his disagreements with the government and pleading with them to simply clarify some questions of law, then you have to wonder where this country is headed. When speaking and asking questions becomes a crime, there are only two choices left, submit to your "masters" or fight back. I believe in the power of ideas and free communication. But it is a question of numbers. If it's just Larken rabble rousing, then he can easily be ostracized and ignored and if he squeaks too loudly, he can be thrown back in a cage. Single targets are easily picked off. But if more people can be made aware of the issues that are affecting their freedom day by day, and millions become willing to speak up and not always, simply doing unquestioningly as they are told, then perhaps a peaceful revolution is possible.

Love him or hate him, agree or disagree, it's nevertheless refreshing to see a man speak from the heart, with integrity and with out the aid of a teleprompter!

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