Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aliens, UFOs and Me

From the title of this blog I'm sure some of you are expecting me to reveal my alien abduction experience in all it's horrifying and gruesome detail. How I was dragged from my bed one night by a pair of smelly, slimy little gray men and beamed aboard a giant mothership where I was poked and probed in unthinkable places by large bug-like creatures until I begged for mercy.

Well sorry but I can't reveal that because it's not true. At least I think it's not true. Of course I could be wrong, perhaps it did happen but all my memory of it has been erased...which would help explain some of the pains that I'm feeling lately in unthinkable places....then again maybe I'm just getting old and like Leonard Cohen said, "I ache in the places I used to play"....but forgive me, I digress.

The purpose of this post is not to talk about the crumbling condition of my mind or my body. It's actually to have a serious discussion about aliens,UFOs and ETs from all different parts of the galaxy and all possible dimensions of space and time.

I've never believed that we were the only intelligent life in the universe. First of all our degree of intelligence is debatable. I mean look around you. Do you see all the mess we have made of a once beautiful planet? Just the audacity of that idea itself is enough to call our intelligence into question. So yes, I believe there is intelligent life throughout all creation. And I do believe that these life forms have come to visit us both in the past and in the present and it is likely we will be seeing more of them in the future, maybe even up close and personal. In fact I would go so far as to say that there are likely some that have been walking among us for some time. I have long believed that cats are actually warm and fuzzy monitoring devices placed here by some alien intelligence to keep an eye on us humans.

The all seeing eye.

There have been so many spottings of UFOs that it's absurd to claim they don't exist. When I was about ten years old I remember sitting in our backyard on Long Island with my Dad and we were looking at the stars. Suddenly there was a huge flash followed by what looked like a green circular object appearing in the sky and rapidly expanding until the entire sky was a luminescent green. From where we were sitting it looked like something very large was very rapidly descending upon us. Then as it appeared to be dissipating we realized that we had just witnessed a huge explosion, one that had occurred far outside the atmosphere of the planet as it was not accompanied by any sound or shock wave. Later we turned on the nightly TV newscast to find out what it was that we had witnessed. They did indeed report on it and announced that that big green thing that we saw in the sky was nothing to be concerned about, it was simply a weather balloon...a weather balloon...A WEATHER BALLOON!!!??? That was no goddamn weather balloon! Anyone who would believe that could also believe that two airplanes caused three steel framed skyscrapers to collapse at free fall speed, in other words don't believe what you saw with your own eyes, only believe what you are told about it by the authorities, but oh I digress again. So this event stuck in my mind as a nagging mystery until a few years ago when I decided to google "Huge explosion over Long Island in 1967" and discovered a report of an extra terrestrial space battle that had occurred resulting in huge green flashes that were observed along the east coast. I wish I had saved that report because I just googled that again and can find no trace of that information now....hmmmm, interesting how things can be made to just disappear like that... Well anyway I find that a far more plausible explanation for what I had witnessed than a frickin weather balloon.

Other things I have seen include little fast moving orbs flicking back and forth between clouds and several years ago shortly after setting up an unusual energy device in my back yard I walked out one morning to find a HUGE cloudship over my house. Just a cloud? Maybe, but it sure looked and FELT like something more than just an unusual natural phenomena.

So I wish I could say that I have actually seen a very clear and obvious ET craft and some definitely identifiable aliens, but I can't do that honestly. However I did have the opportunity and great pleasure to meet someone this weekend who has been there and done that and she delivered a message that touched my heart and soul and that I think needs to be heard by everyone on this planet. Her name is Miriam Delicado. She appeared at the "Project Camelot Awake and Aware in LA" conference along with many other interesting and thought provoking speakers. You can actually watch this whole two day event here. (Sorry for some reason I can't get a live link inserted here. Please copy and paste.)
This link is part one of Miriam's talk but you can access all of the presentations from there. Miriam doesn't go into her story too much there because it was told in great detail in an interview that she did with Project Camelot last year. You can see it below.

Her story is also told in her book(which I am currently reading and can't wait to get back to as soon as I finish this blog), which is available at her website.

So please give a listen to what this honest and wise woman has to say. Even if you cannot go along with the alien stuff, her message is still of immense value.

I will end off with a quote from her website which sums up what it is that she is dedicating her life to and it is a concept to which I totally and wholeheartedly agree.

One voice, one people, one Earth. Be responsible and others will follow.
Remember who you are, we are all connected. Speak from your heart, speak clearly and together we will create the change we need in the world.


  1. Very interesting. I wud've thought Indian over Blond with blue eyes for the connection. Sounds very Nordic which is a hardy bunch. So tell me - the book - was it more of the same or is it worth the read?

  2. The book is a more detailed telling of her story and it includes a synopsis of the messages that the aliens wanted to put out. It's an easy and interesting read.