Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Big Lie

It's ironic that people who seek the truth, who have acquired the nickname of "Truthers" should be villified as the most evil, dangerous,insane lunatics, anti-american scum of the earth, etc...I actually heard this today on "conservative" talk host's Michael Medved's national radio show! While he may be the most venomous towards the truthers he is by no means the only one. Virtually all the mainstream media mouthpieces be they liberal or conservative spout the same party line. And they must because what happened on 911 is the linchpin to the entire scenario that is unfolding in front of our eyes.(Or behind our backs!) The official story cannot be denied, for if it were allowed to be questioned then everything we have been so carefully taught to believe about this country and the world, falls apart. The official party line must be held no matter what the cost. George Orwell's got nothin' on these motherfuckers.

The truth is more than inconvenient. It's uncomfortable, it's painful and downright terrifying. And that's the point now isn't it my dears, we are all supposed to be terrified, but we are supposed to be terrified of those guys over there with the turbans and the beards and the dark complexions. Not the leaders of the greatest country on god's green earth, who always have our best interests in mind as they carry out ever more atrocious plans to kill and maim millions of innocent people as well as destroy the very earth itself. No they would never lie to you and anyone who doesn't believe that should head on down to room 101 for a bit of loving correction.

Here is the latest in a series of movies produced by people who seek the truth. It's long, you don't have to sit through the whole thing if you don't want. Just watch it until you break out in a cold sweat or feel sick to your stomach or maybe until you see your whole belief system collapse around, you just like those buildings did on 911.

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