Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas is Evil

Well that title is bound to rub some people the wrong way. But when you really think about it and honestly look at what Christ's alleged birthday has become in this modern western culture, you would have to agree, unless of course you are one of those who profit from this yearly consumerist ritual.

One hundred or so years ago Christmas might have been ok. It was a time for Christians to get together and honor their savior by exhibiting love for their fellow man. Family gatherings and visiting with neighbors and sharing food with them, making sure that they were not going hungry, maybe bringing some small toys for the children, all fine and good traditions that, while they have continued to be a part of Christmas, have been overshadowed and almost forsaken in the wake of capitalism running wild on the planet.

I shudder to think what Christ would think about the way our society chooses to celebrate his birthday and the misery we are responsible for and the damage we are causing to the planet just so we can have our trinkets to place under a tree that we have ripped from the earth and placed to die in our living rooms. Do we really believe that God created pine trees so that we can cut them down and place their dying carcasses in our houses to honor his son who died for our sins? WTF are we doing? Think about it! Christmas trees are not even a Christian idea. It came from the Pagans who don't have a hell of a lot in common with Christianity. I'm not a Pagan scholar but I have a feeling that they wouldn't approve of cutting down trees, as their whole thing is about the divinity of nature.

I actually didn't start this to rant about Christmas trees though. There are far more evil aspects of the holiday than just that. And maybe it's not right for me to be picking on Christmas when the real problem is the continuous evil that our civilization subjects the planet to 365 days a year. For a perfect example of what I am referring to I will repost a comment about the following video that I just read from Don Bradley who's blog can be seen at http://uwantsun.myblogsite.com/

SATAN'S (SANTA'S) Little Workshops

Kids love toys. Time was, toys were made in factories in Europe, the USA, and other western countries and were built by ADULTS earning a LIVING WAGE. Then, jobs everywhere moved overseas to Pacific Rim countries and being in a communist controlled country, the workers lost rights normally provided for after the world had decreed after WWI that such conditions in the workplace were EVIL. Apparently, China has no problem with slavery, because it's been in the people slavery business for decades now.

Imagine children working 14 hour days, seven days a week. How long do your think their fragile minds can stand such conditions? How can a child grow up normal and sane, basically living and working in a 19th century British work house part two? Didn't we read Oliver Twist and other books as kids and recoil at the horror of such living conditions?

Western governments gave Western corporations tax breaks and incentives to relocate their factories overseas and this is the result of it. That, and a disenfranchised generation unable to find any work except in the military or the police state apparatus.

The people running this world are unable to see anyone with any degree of compassion or love. You have to be soulless to do these kinds of things to millions of children, then lie about it, and then pretend it isn't happening.


  1. U know... I wonder if there is a way to alert & open the eyes of our children here... if they would NOT ACCEPT MORE & demand less in material things & more in time from their parents... U know what they say "Out of the mouths of babes..." What a movement to start... What do u think?

  2. Might work for our kids, has in fact for mine, but we are not your typical American family. It's all those other kids out there that just have to have the latest video games like Mass Murderer 4.0 for X-Box or whatever abomination is being peddled these days as entertainment. The first thing that needs to go is the TV as that is a major source of programming for young minds. Perhaps in the days ahead when the economy crumbles and nobody has any money for such junk, the things that are important will become clearer.