Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Great Gathering, Coming soon to a planet near you!

After observing the dual fiascoes in Copenhagen and Washington DC this past week, with the lies piling up deeper than the snow in the NE US, I think it has become obvious that our future must be in our hands. It is fortunate for us that movements like The Great Gathering are gathering steam and is getting underway in hearts and minds and on the ground all across this planet and perhaps beyond.

Here is the latest update from Miriam Delicado who is spearheading this project.
She will be appearing on the Coast to Coast radio show on Tuesday night, December 22nd which starts at 10:00pm pst.(Which I guess would be 1:00am Wednesday morning on the east coast!)I'm not clear on whether she is going to be the main guest for the whole evening or on a shorter segment in the first hour of the show.
I know it may be late but it is worth listening to.

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