Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Crisis Deepens

Crisis, what crisis? Nothing to worry about mate, it's just the natural cycles of boom and bust and it'll boom all over again, just you wait and see. Everything will be alright, you only have to trust your leaders and just keep payin' your taxes, and most importantly, keep consuming! And don't worry because if things don't pick up soon we will just start another world war and then everybody will be employed.

Actually right now I'm more concerned with my existential crisis. The powers that be want us to fixate on this grand drama that they are putting on for us, they encourage us to play our part in it because without a paying audience the lights in the theatre go dark. So we continue to watch and be mesmerized and we continue to pay for the privilege with our money, our labor and our blood and in the end our very souls. Everything has been laid out for us. Everybody knows that this is the way it is. This is the only show in town. You're either with us or against us. So pay attention! And so I did.

Now I sit here, out on the ledge at the edge of reality, holding in my hands the realization that I have been had. I've been played for the fool that I was. Looking down into the depths of time I can now see that everything I had been taught to believe, everything I knew to be true, everything I struggled and died for, all the great achievements of the past going back to the dawn of civilization have not only all been for naught but have in fact been highly destructive to the planet and every soul unfortunate enough to have landed here, because they have all been based on a lie. A lie so powerfully intoxicating that it has caused an entire species to commit treason, against not only itself, but the whole planet on which it resides and all the life forms contained therein.

Now that I know, how can I any longer pretend to be part of this? How can I tell my kids that all their plans and hopes and dreams for the future are all based in a lie? How can I tell my boss that his plans for expanding the business and making more money will only be contributing to the speed of our demise? How can I tell the government that I can no longer support them in any way? How can I ever make up the damage?

It's lonely out on this ledge. It's very long and sparsely populated, with only a few people visible way out in the distance. If you care to confront this lie and join me out here on this ledge at the edge of reality, this is the window to climb through.

Yes, the entire book is a long read. So far I've only gotten up to chapter 4. But you will know what the score is after reading just the introduction and the first chapter. It appears the second half of the book presents solutions to our dilemma. I look forward to that part. But first every insidious aspect of the lie needs to be exposed and every tentacle ripped from my mind and the poisons cleansed from my soul.

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  1. One good thing - we do live in America and it is salvageable, unlike some other countries in the world! I have stopped watching the news, the political pundits, and turned off talk radio - too depressing!!Bring on Regis and Kelly and Green Acres!!!